Lifting At Work Vs Working Out

I am wondering if lifting at work everyday would have any issuses against muscle growth? I workout at the gym mon/wed/fri rest on the others, but i lift anywhere from 10-40 lbs almost all day long at work, 12hrs a day, six days a week. My work consists lifting things mostly with my arms and shoulders. Some of my lifting would be similar to some movements in the gym that would work my arms and shoulders. like lateral delt, front delt, bicep curls, military press. And a lot of the times my muscles are tired after working. I am wondering if I’m trying to bodybuild I am going to have problems. What do you guys recommend? Should I eat more??? Quit my job and find a desk job??<–kidding… But really what do u think? I’m 5’11" 200lbs BF about 18-22% I eat about 3200 cal/day with plenty of carbs and protien and fat. My supplements are whey protein, multi vit, creatin, L-glut,

Many of us have worked and lifted. Me doing Constructin, concrete labor, Tire work. etc. I simply made it three full body workuouts and did it Pre work, were talking 4am or earlier I juast wouldnt after work the beer and lounging was calling then.

Couldnt do the split stuff and Kill one body part and not be able to function, I say do TBT or another CW routine and would be goldne. Oh and EAT!!!

I worked in a feedmill for 7 years (after school, weekends, summers and full time after graduating high school). It both helped and hurt my progress…I was lifting hundred pound sacks all day long, lifting up to 240lbs (3 80lb bags of rock salt) from the floor to my shoulder, to carry it and load it onto trucks and doing a tremendous amount of endurance work and odd lifts but never got above 200 lbs lean (at six foot with a large frame), Even eating up to 6000 calories a day I was never able to get the “bodybuilder look” just a fit laborer look. A big part of my problem was working out too often on top of labor I did as well as too intensely with too many exercises and reps.

The three days/week workouts you mentioned would be certainly be better than the 6 days a week splits I ended up doing at 18 (thanks to believing bodybuilding mags). After looking back at it a couple of decades later I see that the gains that I made were mostly from the times I lifted less frequently, using the big compound exercises (squats, deads, bench, dips and pullups) and lots of rest to keep from overtraining (during the school year when i wasn’t working all day long) Don’t do a lot of exercises in the gym that mimic the movements you do at work. Keep in mind that labor with up to forty pounds is fantastic for core stability as well. Hope this helps…

I do heavy lifting all day also. Going to a upper/lower body split works for me, as does full body workouts.

Doing all different body parts everyday was simply too much for me, combined with lifting heavy crap all day. Keep eating also!

get a promotion and you won’t have to deal with it! Thats what I did at least, and its working well.

But seriously like mention keep your lifting short and to the point… I’ve had good success with both full body and upper/lower splits. 3 days a week with 4-6 exercises seems to work best for me… and eat ALOT 3200 calories would be OK if you sat on your ass all day

eating well is a must, what i found very benefical was creatine at a higher and more frequent dosages, worked really well with my body and allowed me to stay a couple of steps ahead and recover very well, quality sleep was very inportant as well.

Thanks guys that really helped out. I read a little on HST style workout would that be a good thing for me to try out??? How many of you do HST?

When you lift the things at work, find a nice form. A productive way to work, but also work as many groups as you can. When you pick something up, bend down and do single leg dead lifts with the 10 lbs load.

When you work sip on Grow! and Surge all day long. Don’t tell people what you are doing, and don’t show off. Put the shakes in a coffee Thermos. People will not mock bad habits. They tend to only mock the good ones.

[quote]jamyers wrote:
Thanks guys that really helped out. I read a little on HST style workout would that be a good thing for me to try out??? How many of you do HST?[/quote]

I didn’t get much progress from HST while I was working as a storeman, I found OLAD was a great compliment to the constant heavy lifting I was doing at work. Actually I think doing a physical job helped towards my goals more then hindered them.