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Lifting angles

I found something interesting in my workouts! If i do a lift from several angles i have much more work capacity! Example would be to do a bench press from high on chest at the midline and low emphasizing diffrent parts of a muscle and enabling me to do much more work at a given resistance. anyone else experienence this?

yes, i’ve known this for a while. when you do an excersize a different angle using the same muscle groups, you cause different muscle fibers (muscle fibers that were not recruited in the previous excersize, and are fresh) to be recruited for that excerseize.

This sounds like an idea that was in Poliquin’s book. His example is to do incline dumbbell presses, but vary the angle of the incline. E.g. start w/ a “high” incline, do 6-8 reps, drop to “medium” incline do 6-8 again with little to no rest, lastly drop to a “low” angle and (again, with little rest) do another 6-8. Guaranteed to make you ache for several days.