Lifting and Weight Gain on TRT (26 Years Old/165 lbs)

Hi All,

TLDR at the bottom!

I will be starting TRT tomorrow when my prescription arrives.

I am an avid lifter and have been consistently working out and dieting for the past five years or so. Including tracking meals calories and macros down to the T.

I am about to start a bulking phase, at a moderate rate of around 200 calorie surplus per day, which for me would be at around 2700 calories.

Now being as persistent/cognizant of my weight tracking (albeit sometimes obsessively) I am curious as to how my weight may increase just due to the fact that I am starting TRT.

Now my levels are extremely low, below 200ng/dl. I am not sure of what to expect in regards to my weight and strength changes.

What have you guys experienced in terms of weight gain from just TRT alone? I am nervous because I am trying to slowly gain solid lean mass with meticulous calorie and macronutrient tracking.

Not sure how introducing the aspect of TRT will play into this. I am sure there will be an almost immediate increase due to water retention and increased glycogen storage from the increase in testosterone and estrogen.

Any advice or tips? Should I just stick with my goal and macros of 2700 calories for the first few weeks and then start tracking again?

That way I don’t see a huge increase in weight from TRT and think its fat/unwanted mass gain?

Currently, I am around 165 lbs and am running a 5-day per week workout routine and have maintained my weight, and maybe even lost a little bit eating 2500 calories per day. So as you can probably tell, the fat gain for me is a big worry which is why I want to start with a very low surplus and go from there.

Just not sure what to expect with starting this mass-gaining phase at essentially the exact same time as starting TRT and how that will play into weight gain and tracking.

TLDR: 26 Years old, 165lbs, 5 years lifting, starting TRT and bulking tomorrow - how can I expect to see my weight change off the start? How to adapt tracking?

Appreciate any advice!

Test C: 200mg/ml - 0.32mL IM/SQ twice weekly
HCG 500iu SQ twice weekly to prevent testicular atrophy
No Ai - low E2, monitor
DHEA 25mg every night

Test, Serum: 171 (264 - 916)
Free Test: 5.1 (9.3 - 26.5)
DHEA Sulfate: 169.7 (135.5 - 475.2)
TSH: 3.6 (0.450 - 4.500)
LH: 1.7 (1.7 - 8.6)
Prolactin: 13.6 (4.0 - 15.2)
IGF-1: 185 (98 - 282)
Estradiol Sensitive: 4.0 (8.0 - 35.0)
SHBG: 27.2 (16.5 - 55.9)

Have some other test results as well if anyone is interested, figured these are the most important/relevant.

Everyone reacts differently. But if you consider the fact that your natural test levels were that low for the past how ever long, and you’ve managed to make some gains and stay in decent shape, it’s safe to say that bringing your test levels up to normal-high range from dog shit, should very well carry over into some definitive weight gain. You should feel 1000 x better also, more energy, libido increase, more strength, let us know how it goes

I am excited just nervous. I definitely don’t plan on changing any of my fundamentals that I’ve been so consistent with over the years with lifting and tracking etc.

But at the same time don’t want to be discouraged when I gain X amount of weight from water/glycogen and not actual mass I’m gaining. I have a hard time with seeing the scale go up mentally. Even though my end goal/want is to be bigger and stronger.

You might want to put your protocol prescribed by your Dr (number of shots, how often, how much per shot, any estrogen control, etc.)

Most of the new guys here were treated by Drs who didnt really know much about TRT and the correct protocols.

Oh sure thing! I have done quite a bit of research and am going with a provider that is known to have good protocols and what not. Let me update the post real quick!

If I’m correct it looks like 130mg test per week or so. That’s a decent amount. Not anywhere near the amounts for a real steroid cycle, but good for Trt. Looks like you’re secondary hypo like I am. Low LH output from pituitary. Have you had an mri to rule out tumor?

You should notice a little increase in strength. For me, I noticed more energy to lift. More reps. Less fatigue.

Don’t expect miracles though. Your mood should improve and mentally, you’ll just feel better. More positive. Happier almost.

Yea I’m really hoping to see a mental benefit as well as physical. I have a hard time being positive/confident in myself and in general just feel like it is hard for me to be happy and most of the time I feel numb and/or apathetic.

Not gonna lie I am hoping to see some of they physical benefits in the gym and in appearance as well as increase in libido.

Have not had an MRI before to make sure I don’t have a tumor although it may be in my best interest. But at this point I’ve known I’ve had low T and low LH for almost five years and have had frequent headaches all my life. Wouldn’t be lying if I said that the thought of an MRI scares me because of what might be found as a result.

You will but it won’t happen overnight. Your TSH seems pretty high. Is your Dr addressing that?

6 months “dialed” in and I have lost about 20 lbs since February. Ive also probably put on close to 10 pounds of muscle. I probably eat 3k a day on lifting days and probably closer to 2k on non lifting days and drink a few cocktails each night. I am at the last hole on my belt and need to buy new pants for the second time since starting. Ive been heavy lifting for the last 20 years and never really put on any size or was able to lean out. I now know why.

So I actually started TRT last November and from November through January I put on 10 pounds. BUT my starting protocol was really shitty (50mg E7D) and I was having hot flashes and all sorts of shit going on. It was mostly water weight because you could see I was bloated and my sock lines were deep after I took them off. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t put on any water weight given your dose being significant but if you do don’t lose hope and know that positive changes will come and your LBM will definitely increase.

Edit: What is your age?

He did tell me that it was a tad on the high side and after three months my follow-up bloodwork is going to include a full thyroid panel to check up on things.

Any advice in regards to that? I have not really looked into that aspect of my bloodwork as of yet.

Just edited the original post! But I am 26 years old, tested for low T since I was about 21 years old. This is the first time I’m getting an actual injection protocol, tried clomid for about 6 months before with no positive effects.

What did you do in regards to your water retention?

I knew it would go away once things were more dialed in. I think once my doc doubled the dose it started to wain. But that was 6 weeks of 50mg every 7 days. Then he doubled it to 100mg E7D but I noticed the biggest difference when I starting pinning every 3.5 days. Things started to even out then and the water weight came off.

Gotchya. Appreciate the input! I just did my first injection a few hours ago of the Test and HCG. I’m looking forward to the results and hoping it is positive.

TSH is supposed to be around 1 or less. I’m on thyroid meds…Armour thyroid which is desiccated porcine (pig) thyroid. Has both T3 and T4. Works great for me

Would the elevated TSH indicate a slower metabolism than normal?

When the pituitary gland detects lower Free T3 getting into the cells, it will increase TSH to stimulate the thyroid to produce more hormones. Some people don’t convert Free T4 into Free T3 well, so it goes over to Reverse T3 instead or Free T4 increases while Free T3 sees no increase.

Free T3 is the active thyroid hormone.

In my case my Reverse T3 is a little elevated and will have some negative consequence, Reverse T3 prevents Free T3 from soaking into your cells, this isn’t good for metabolism.

When TSH is elevated there’s almost always a problem, however sometimes TSH can look normal while Free T3 is low or below ranges.

Oh yeah. Plus dry skin and sparse outer eyebrows

Honestly? Ignore it unless it gets so out of hand that there’s obviously an e2 issue. Otherwise just know that you’ll get a little and that the scale isn’t going to tell you anything that you won’t know by looking in the mirror.

If you’re meticulous with your calorie and workout tracking—and it sounds like you are—then don’t let the scale mess with your head. Just know that you’re doing what has worked for you and trust that the number on the scale isn’t indicative of how you look and how you feel.

Very true. I need to get better about that. It’s just difficult seeing the scale jump multiple pounds when I’m not expecting it and hard to stay positive about it. Coming from a former fat kid at least.

Any ideas what may be causing my TSH to be elevated? Doc is running a full thryoid panel at my first follow-up. I just want to get an idea of what I might be looking at.