Lifting and Unfitting Clothes

Hi all,

The cut of men’s clothes sucks. I am a 44 regular with a 33-34 inch waist and practically no blazers fit me. Suits are similar but even worse – 44 regular is paired with 36/37 waist and it just falls off.

Same thing with shirts – 17 1/2 & 34/35 has a giant space for a gut in the middle, and the tucking in is getting ridiculous.

Where can I get well-made clothes with an athletic cut? I am nowhere near big enough for Big & Tall, and probably wouldn’t go even if I were. I’m sure a lot of guys on these boards have this exact problem.

For shirts try

I am the same size. I go with trim fit and they are not too loose. Good price and nice selection.

They also have a custome service thru the catalog. About $60/shirt. Their stuff will last you for years. I haven’t tried one of those yet.

I buy suits at two places. Brooks Brothers sells an athletic cut suit. You’ll need some tailoring but they are good at it. I also get summer suits from Joseph Banks. Same thing go for the athletic cut. I wear a 46 tall and have a 34 waist. They usually need a little tailoring but they are also very good at it.

I have the same issue and gave up buying off the rack. I get all of dress shirts custom fitted. Pay about $100 per shirt, but they last forever and look great. I found it to be well worth the investment. Once you see yourself in a fitted shirt you will never go back.

Probably not the answer you were hoping for.

I hear ya man. I can’t wear suits or dress pants with pleats in them unless the waist is about a 36+ which sucks because I have a 32" waist. What’s worse is my thighs aren’t even close to as strong as I’d like them to be, so I know they’re gonna keep growing, and as such, shit will just keep on not fitting.

At some stores they have “athletic cut” suits, but they really didn’t seem to be much better. We all fill your pain, the gist of advice that was given to me when I posted a thread similar to this last year was “find a good tailor.”

Good luck.

I feel your pain. 5’7, I need a 50 short with 36" waist pants and 18 1/2 neck in dress shirts. I work for a major department store and can’t buy clothes from them.

Step away from the pleats brother…Seriously.

[quote]apayne wrote:
Step away from the pleats brother…Seriously.[/quote]


I’m the same size as you… I just switch the pants from a smaller chest sized suit. OOPS!

haha… ok, I’ll start takin the first few steps away… bastard pleats…

buying a pair of jeans is a nightmare too, so loose on the waist and feel like cycling shorts on the tighs.

Certain brands of suits offer an “athletic cut”… I have the same problem, most regular suits create that box look that isn’t flattering at all. I was told to try Paul Smith, or talk to a good tailor who hooks up atheletes on a regular basis.

In reality, you need to pay the bucks to look good in a suit.

The availability depends on where you live. LA has a plethora of stores that carry the type of cut you’re looking for.

No idea about suits, but I buy my jeans from surf shops. I have tiny legs compared to a lot of lifters, but standard cut jeans still have far too big a waist. The ones from the surf shop seem to fit much, much better. I guess they are designed with guys in mind that actually get their arse off the lounge and move occasionally.

I have the same problem, I wear a 54 regular jacket and have a 34" waist. There is a company called Rheingold that I have gotten some stuff from in the past. They cater to lifters/BB’s, and their quality is good. They still sell vests, but don’t hold that against them, most everything else is up to date.

On the shirts, the arms are full, the shoulders wide, but the waist is significantly tapered. If you need a suit, but can’t drop the grand on a custom one, check Rheingold out.

For some reason, I thought that they went out of business, but I found their site and it was active, so check them out.

[quote]johnnymagic wrote:
I’m the same size as you… I just switch the pants from a smaller chest sized suit. OOPS![/quote]