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lifting and triathletes

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions on lifting for endurance athletes. My sister does triathlons and recently mentioned to me how she was back in the gym lifting weights. I want to give her some help with lifting, but am unsure how endurance athletes train in the gym, or if they even need to.

If anyone has any info let me know.



The primary concern of an endurance athlete is to maintain muscular balance so as to avoid injury. I know in my triathlon days I trained the three discipines with no weight training (or very little, and nothing planned out or organized). I did fairly well (near pro level), but I’ll never know how I would have done… I didn’t get injuries like I did when I was just running.

Also, a HIT type program of compound movements will do well to maximize time in the gym and not cut into recovery too much.

Tones, there are probably more lifters here than marathoners/triathletes, but we’ve got a few. Until they stop by, there’s a wealth of information on this topic. Just do a search of the T-forums (to the left of your screen), say, “marathon lifting” (without the quotes, of course) or “triathalon training.” And after you’ve searched the forum, there might even be some pretty good stuff in the archived articles. Just use the drop down window above “Peform Search” to change the search paramaters.

Do some research on high-dose fish oil and Surge, too, while you’re at it. There are a lot of runners that use both to enhance performance and endurance.

Anton, get in the gym and lift heavy and eat heaps, that way you can be the fat guy evryone drafts behind, hahaha

For most people…

-Full body each session
-7-12 exercises per session with a combination of core and assistance exercises
-12-15 reps per set
-30 seconds or less rest between sets (a circuit training program may be most effective)

In terms of injury prevention, I’d be sure to incorporate some external rotation work, plenty of hamstring volume, and perhaps some resisted dorsiflexion exercises.

Forgot to add that the individual should lift three times per week.