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Lifting and Mood

I have this thing, where while I’m lifting, I don’t seem to feel satiated. Once I finished, I have a short “High.” Where my mood spikes, and then afterwards, I slump into a really low low depression, and can’t seem to get out o fit, until I lift again.

Is this common, what should I do about it?

There’s definitely a kind of endorphin rush after a good lifting session. You could just be overly sensitive to it, so you notice when you come down from it more than most people.

Are you new to lifting? Are you healthy otherwise (physically, hormonally, etc.)? Are you taking any supplements?

I wouldn’t stress over it too much. Try to remember that lifting is a great thing to be doing, but it shouldn’t be “the reason you get out of bed in the morning, so if I’m not lifting today, I’m going to veg out and go blaaaaahhhhhh.”

This could be blaspheme to say around here, but… there’s more to life than lifting heavy shit. Enjoy it while you’re doing it, look forward to doing it again soon, but if you’re moping around because you’re not in the gym, we need to find you something else to be interested in.

i’ve also noticed a kind of high after my intense workouts. More so if I’m lifting really heavy than days when I’m not. I don’t have the lows you are talking about I just come down to normal which usually coincides with when the pumps from lifting go down too. If you are getting seriously depressed a couple hours after lifting then you might want to see someone about it. I don’t think the little high is abnormal but severe depression isn’t.


I have depression. I get a ruge hed rush everytime I lift that makes me feel good for like 2-3 hours after I’m done lifting. Other then that, I too feel shitty throughout my day.