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Lifting And Losing Fat?

Hi, iv been doing resistance training for 1 month, (6 times a week). With this i have changed my diet, eating all the right thing, added supplements(Horleys Ice, Glucose, Omega 3, Smash) and trying to fit in cardio as well…

In one month I have seen a visible increase in muscle, and a visible decrease in fat. But how much %fat will I loose if I continue what im doing. I weigh 230lb, 6ft, I would guess 30% bfat though I am pretty broad. With what im doing, what % of bfat will i get to in say 2months, 6 months etc…

Im asking this becuase I am really enjoying what I am doing, and loving putting on muscle, but i really need/want to loose fat, will this happen?


there is no definative % that you will lose.

there are just WAY too many variable in that sentence.

you will see consistent decreases; but you will be at a point sometime that it will start to tapper off and become harder to lose fat/gain muscle.

but once you are there; you’ll be loving it.

that is where i am at. im 6-1 and 190lbs at roughly 13%bf

getting to 10% would be VERY diffcult to put on a timetable.

good luck and train like you have a pair!!

A daily caloric deficit around 500 calories translates into a fat loss of about 1 lbs per week, although that is quite high and for anyone except a total beginner or a steroid user it is almost impossible to gain any significant amount of muscle during that time.

A daily caloric deficit of 1000 calories translates into a fat loss of about 2 lbs per week, but it is very difficult to even maintain ones muscle mass during such an extreme diet, and the lost weight will almost certainly be part lean (->muscle) mass.

Also, around ~10-12%BF for most individuals the metabolism changes, and you would have to compromise fat loss for muscle gain or vice versa, since both at the same time become very unlikely.

Also, if you have been training seriously for some time (->~2 years+), muscle gain without controlled ‘over-eating’, (-> “bulking”, which means consuming slightly more calories than you are burning ) will slow down or stall completely.

Hrm, ok great!

I was reading that fat loss while trying to gain muscle was impossible, but I thought this would only apply to people that all ready have either low or normal %bfat. I guess is someways I am right… sort of…

Time will tell, either way, I will be in better shape next month than I was this month.


You only been lifting one month, gains will come Fast if you work hard. You are very likly to shed fat and gain muscle both due to your newness and the 30% bf.


You’ll continue to see noticeable changes overtime every few weeks 2-4 depending on how much cardio you toss in a week and if you stick to a good eating plan.

As your bodyfat decreases so will noticeable changes. Instead of fighting over inches you’ll be working on centimeters… But your good for at least another 2-5 months ~ just depends on you.

  1. Nutrition + adequate rest
  2. Cardio
  3. Adding lean muscle mass always helps.

[quote]B rocK wrote:

that is where i am at. im 6-1 and 190lbs at roughly 13%bf

getting to 10% would be VERY diffcult to put on a timetable.

good luck and train like you have a pair!![/quote]

Umm… Brian… you’re more like 8-10%, you have abs if you don’t eat enough… i’m more like 12% at 205 right now

But yeah dude, your body will get used to the level of work it is doing and it’ll need something new to adapt to, calorie manipulation, etc, do tons of research.

You are taking “Glucose” as a supplement?
Glucose is blood sugar. I had no idea companies were selling carbs that were THIS refined. That is way more refined then table sugar and white bread.
What a stupid supplement.

The dextrose in Surge is glucose (in this case, D-glucose.) Anything you buy with the ingredient dextrose monohydrate could technically be described as including glucose.

I’m a female: 5’6" and 139 lbs. I have lost 25 pounds due to good nutrition and Elliptical exercise but now what to build muscle and lose fat. I started going to the gym and lifting but don’t know if I am doing enough to actually build muscle. I know that I am doing enough to get tone but want more than that.

Always start with 10 min. Elliptical
Swats 100 lbs/10 reps.x3
Rowing 65 lbs/"
Arms using the different equipment to work all the areas 50 lbs/"
Sit ups (front, left, right)/20 reps x2
Lower back 70/10 rep.x3
My total workout last about an hour.