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Lifting and Liver Panels


Iâ??ve been getting blood tests for liver functions to track my recovery from mono which I had back in August-September and got a question. Can lifting/gym activities skew liver panels? Specifically ALT(SGPT) and AST(SGOT)?

I feel like the effects of mono have subsided but the following tests show something is still going on. Iâ??ve been hitting the gym pretty hard over the past month and want to know if I should stop. I havenâ??t been consuming alcohol. I have an appt with a hematologist coming up but wanted your guyâ??s input.

ALT(SGPT): 74 (0-65)
AST(SGOT): 87 (0-45)

ALT(SGPT): 67 (0-65)
AST(SGOT): 162 (0-45)