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Lifting and Leaning Out


Face Pulls

3 x 8 x 50 lbs

Sumo Deadlift

3 x 170
3 x 190
7 x 215

Sissy Squat

4 x 8 x BW

Landmine Press

4 x 8 x +47.5

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Outdoor Walk - 15 Minutes with two hills.

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Treadmill - Random Hill Setting 30 Minutes

Max Speed - 3.5; Max Incline - 5.0

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Sets x Reps x Weight

Face Pulls

3 x 10 x 50 lbs

Squat 5/3/1

5 × 175
3 x 195
7 x 220

Good Mornings

4 x 5 x 110

BOR - Add on Shoulder Shrugs at End of Last Set

4 x 5 x 140

Shrugs 12 Reps

Landmine Press

Bar + 45 lbs


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Lower body still felt a little fatigued today but not bad.

Face Pulls 3 x 12 x 50 lbs

Dynamic Squat 3 x 5 x 135

Single Leg RDL 4 x 5 x 40 lbs

Inverted Rows 3 x 5 x BW

Landmine Press with bar +45


Added one set of One Arm Landmine Press at end

1 x 8 x bar


Strained my right Achilles a few days ago so I laid off on the walking. Gonna try to pick back up on that this coming week.

Face Pulls 3 x 10 x 55 lbs

Sumo Deadlift

5 x 180
3 x 205
6 x 230

Used a belt but no straps on last set.

Sissy Squat 4 x 5 x BW

Experimented with Bench Press on a Smith Machine. Stopped the descent about three inches above my chest.

2 x 5 x 135
3 x 155
3 x 170
2 x 185

Single Arm Landmine Press

2 x 10 x Empty Bar
1 x 5 x Empty Bar

Cable Curls and Triceps Push Down Superset

Curls 3 x 10 x 70

Triceps 3 x 10 x 85

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Treadmill on Alpine Pass Setting

35 minutes; Max Speed - 3.4; Max Incline - 6.0

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Been a little slack in updates on here over the Holiday. Still working out though.

A couple of things:

Got my MRI results back and I have a small tear in the cartilage in my left shoulder as well as arthritis in the AC Joint area. Doc referred my to see a surgeon for a consult. I think it’s up in the air if he will actually recommend surgery. But the Orthopedist said a couple of possibilities might be removing the tear from the cartilage and/or removing a little bone in the AC joint area.

Also, since my shoulder got a little jacked up I’ve been trying to modify programs to make something work and have continued to jump around a bit.

But I was alerted to Tactical Barbell on here recently and purchased the TB 3rd Edition ebook, which lays out the lifting philosophy and templates. Additionally, I purchased TB II, which contains the conditioning program and templates.

The program combines a bare bones strength program that leaves room for intensive conditioning. It was designed for military, law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders and other fitness enthusiasts. Being very customizable and the fact that I’m a CO, it looks like a near perfect training system for me to run for the foreseeable future.

I began the 2nd week of Base Building, which is an eight week protocol to get one up to speed on some of the conditioning requirements. During the first five weeks there is no heavy barbell training. I’m admittedly quite a bit behind the average user of this system in conditioning. I will struggle to complete most of the conditioning workouts.

Today was a circuit of three rounds of thirty reps. The five exercises I chose are:

Goblet Squats 35 lbs
DB Bent Over Rows 20 lbs per
Kettlebell Swings 2-Hands 25 lbs
Landmine Press Bar +30 lbs
DB RDL 30 lbs per


Sorry but what’s a CO? Correction Officer?

Yes, Correctional Officer.


45 minutes of walking and jogging. Wasn’t keeping exact track but probably about half and half in time and about two to one in jogging vs walking in distance.

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Joining in the transformation challenge so I guess I’ll add my before photo here as well.

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Walked with a weighted pack of 25 lbs for about 50 minutes or so.

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Two rounds of 30 reps of each

Goblet Squat 35 lbs
DB BOR 30 per
Two Handed KB Swings 30 lbs
Plate OHP 25 lbs
DB RDL 30 per

New gym had plates with the hollowed out handle areas so I was able to use a more shoulder friendly grip on the OHP with a plate. Just due to layout and trying to keep the pace up, I substituted it in for the landmine press.

Just a quick add on…

Joined a new gym today that is larger and provides more options.

Also, saw a MD today. His recommendation for diet in regards to health issues was Mediterranean Style, minus alcohol, as opposed to vegetarian. So I guess that is the route I will take going forward.

Another t-nationer on the tactical barbell train


In for this

Good luck matey

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Appreciate it. Glad I saw your post about it!


Today was a recovery day so I just completed a 25 walk at a relaxed pace.

Good stuff mate

Have at it!


Dud one hour on treadmill with some preset small changes in Incline built in. Ran approximately 32 minutes cimbined and walked the remainder.

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