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Lifting and Conditioning for Fat Loss

Hey guys,

i would like to try something different ! I would like to train a muscle like 30 mins, muscle feed , isolation and pump work and then 30 mins of conditionning work or circuit.

I dont have in mind some kind of circuit i can do to maximize the fat lost ( prowler, farmer walk, sprint, something else…)

do you think its a good idea ?

What are you trying to achieve with the pump work before conditioning?

Can you give an example please… I just have a vision of someone doing curls for half an hour than getting on the battle ropes.

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squat deadlift ohp row but higher reps, double contraction, etc…with some isolation like assistance lift .

not curl shit lol

I incorporate farmers walks into HIIT in my cardio lately, I like it.

I also do HIIT “tabata” style with jump squats.