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Lifting and Cardio


I'm experiencing information overload, and have basically tailored a diet to what I have gathered so far.

I'm 6'3" 310lbs and are working on a routine for fat loss. I've adjusted my diet to eat approx. 5-6 times per day small meals and shakes.

I work one muscle group per day followed by 30-45 minutes of cardio afterwards.
Cardio - 2 days on, 1 day break, repeat.

My focus is not massive gains atm, but more strength buildin and weight loss.

My questions are:
Would lifting and then doing aerobic exercise be beneficial for weight loss on the same day?

After each workout I chug a Metabolic Drive followed by a high protein meal 2-3 hours later. Should I be using Surge instead? even so I dont believe I would be going over my carb intake, as I am trying to keep them to a 100/70 g routine.

I noticed instant fatigue on my 3rd sets doing biceps and on ligher weights, not sure if I am overtraining, but after my first week I managed to gain 2 pounds, not lose anything.

My diet consists of:

9:30 am - Oatmeal - Banana or blueberries.

12:30 - Metabolic Drive

3:30 - Chicken breast or tuna, and fruit.

5:30 - Workout

7:00 - Metabolic Drive

9:30 - Tuna or turkey, Cottage cheese, and maybe some brown rice.

12:00 - Spoonful of peanut butter to kill sleep cravings. lol

Any advice would be appreciated.


That is nowhere near enough food/cals for a 300lb'r.

Another thing I noticed is your lack of fats.

Something else to ponder. First--your first meal in the am is at 9:30. Your last real meal is at 9:30. That's 12 hours of no food. Also your first meal contains very little protein.

I would advise some type of drink or meal that gets you some protein when you get up.

With that much working out at that weight I'd guess you need to squeeze two more meals in somewhere somehow.

Your starving yourself right now.


My friend, at 5'6'' and just over 120lbs, I eat more than you!

I think you are on the right track - but make sure to add vegetables to basically every meal you listed there. (With the exception of breakfast)

What will help your night time cravings more than PB pre-bed, is solid AM eating.
I was surprised that adding more carbohydrate in the morning did not cause me to gain any fat. In fact, I realized that I needed much more than I was getting initially in the morning hours!

In terms of fat loss - I believe that alternating between lifting and aerobic training can be really great. My training expertise is very much in its infancy, but you should check out
"Temporal Nutrition" or even the T-Dawg Diet, if you want more structured and scientifically-backed advice.
Knowledge is key!

All the best.


If fat loss is the goal, and to keep lean mass, weights must be done before cardio.

I could go into a long physiological explanation, but I'll leave it at that for now.



Cardio after lifting is going to be good for fat loss as it is supposed to take at least 30 minutes for your body to start burning fat for energy. That said, I would also advise that you up your caloric intake, I'm down to 250 from 320 about two years ago and I have not dropped my caloric intake below 4000 kcal a day for the entirety of that time.

When I first started working out I went up about ten pounds, probably from lean mass and some fat gain, before I started dropping weight, I would not worry about your two pound gain - if anything it will help you due to the fact that lean mass requires more caloric energy to maintain.


You need more protein in that diet plan of your,since you're dieting and can risk losing muscle.Take in ,atleast,1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.
Good luck.


Thanks for the input.
Will probably throw in a shake in the morning and one before bed to up the kcal. I wish I can give you guys my BF% last time I checked it was like 32% give or take a couple points.

My goal is to get back into the 215-225 lb range. Also picked up some HOT-ROX, but haven't started those yet. I figure I would get my eating and workout routine in check before integrating those. Some swear by it, some say it doesnt matter.

Does anyone have a link for an article on figuring out the kcal? I can't seem to find one, most I ran into are for bulking.