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Lifting Again


Tommrow im gonna start lifting again for the first time in about a month and a half(ive been pretty much sedentary since then). Im torn between two routines ATM and i was wondering if i could get some input. First off, my goal is size, pretty much bodybuilding.

Anyways the two im thinking about are one, a five day a full body split that looks like this.

Mon Upp, tues low, weds upp, thurs low, fri upp

The lifts are

Side Dumbell Raises
Barbell Curls
Bench press
Close grip bench
Lat Tower Or Bent Over Dumbell Row


Now, the other workout is prety much traditional bodybuilding.

Monday Chest/Back 3x8
Bench Press
Dumbell Bench Press
Upright Row
Bent over Row
Lat pulldowns


Wedsnday Bis/Tris 3x10

Dumbell Curls
Dumbell Hammers
Barbell Curls
Reverse Triceps Bench Press
Close Grip Bench
Tri Pushdowns

Thursday Rest

Friday Legs 3x8
Front Squats
Reg Squats
Hamstring Raises

Fri Shoulders/Calvs 3x8
Rear Shoulder Press
Arnold Press
Side Dumbell Raise
CalF Raises

Not realy sure if i should do this workout seeing as its kinda rough and i havent lifted in a bit so im out of conditioning and im still healing my ankle. Anywho thats about it thanks alot.


if you haven't lifted in a month I would just go in and do 2 or 3 workouts this week of 5x5, 4x6 or 3x8. Go conservative on the weights, and just do 3 or 4 core exercises for the week. Like, MP, Pull Ups/chins, squats and bench, bent over rows, and DL. Just some basic lifts to get your body back into it. By the second week you'll probably be go to go, provided you've kept your nutrition up to par.

Have you been doing rehab exercises for your ankle?


Not yet its still realy sore if i bump it or try to put weight on it at any angle(standing is fine)


I would REALLY take it easy on the lower body stuff then. Maybe ease into some bodyweight squats or something. Work on getting your range of motion back. Must have been a pretty bad sprain if it's still hurting that bad. You had any x-rays?


Yea i had an xray but it still is not the same shape as my other ankle and it doesnt feel the same either. I still think it is more then a sprain, i am starting to get this weird pops or pulls on the back of my knee(hamstrings).


I've had good partial 3rd degree's on both my ankles, so I feel for ya. My right healed great, and feels 100% now. My left was sprained over a year and a half ago, and it STILL gives me trouble. I have to wear a brace when I play basketball on the left ankle. It took a long time before I had my range of motion back, but it still aches a little at the bottom of front squats and OH squats. Doesn't stay sore though. I've been told that getting a jumpstretch band and using it to strengthen the muscles of the shin(pardon me I'm no anatomy whiz) would help things too.