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Lifting After Wrist Tattoo

Hi everyone
Greetings from India
So I got this new tattoo on my wrist (where the dial of a wrist watch usually is)
How soon after the tattoo is it fine to start lifting. I am anyways planning to do do the “4 weeks to bigger legs” plan by Dan Trink .

Give it 48 hours. After that for 3-4 days if you want to be extra cautious, cover the tattoo with saran wrap (plastic film), tape around the edges, and go train. Remove the plastic after your workout.

Don’t go swimming or play any contact sports for awhile. Your tattoo artist and/or Google can help you with some time-frames for these activities.

I’ve worked out the day right after getting my tattoos and never experienced issues aside from the occasional rubbing fabric. As long as you keep it clean and protected you should be fine. I would avoid anything that would press on your wrist.