Lifting After Fratured L1 Vertebra

At the end of October 2012 I was in an atv accident and fractured my L1 vertebra. I was in a brace for a few months and then slowly started rehabilitating. I am going to assume that I am just being impatient, but my low back is still not where I feel it should be. By the time I was able to see a PT I had already begun body weight movements to get myself back in the game.

The PT was surprised I was able to do what I was able to do at that point (January 2013). I have been running 5/3/1 BBB template lately but not squatting more then 95#'s as of yet. My low back is still so tight I am trying to figure out how to help it. I am stretching regularly now. I also do good mornings once a week. Any other exercises I should add? I am searching through other posts as well. Thanks for the assistance.