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Lifting After Broken Vertebrae


Hey everyone, just signed up looking for some feedback.

Earlier this year I broke vertebrae along my thoracic and lumbar areas through a skiing accident. My orthopedic surgeon is rated top 5 in the world and specializes in athletes. He recommended I heal without surgery. Luckily I healed up and he said I can go back to lifting.

I spent the last month with basic lifts very light, but it feels like I'm starting over from baby level strength. I squatted and deadlifted 3 times a week and switched out bench+dips with overhead press+Chin ups. I did this to gain back 16 lbs and my lifts were:
Squat: 175 Deadlift: 220 Bench: 135 Press: 90

I decided to see a personal trainer to advance as quickly as possible. He put me on smolov for squats 6 days a week hitting maxes every day and sheiko 32 for benching. I deadlift once a week 10x3. I'm looking for your opinions as to whether I should hit some more linear progression before continuing with these advanced protocols.

I'm 25, 6'3'' 187 12% bf with healthy legs and weak upper body, have a couple of years of training that are basically down the drain now, and my numbers are looking bad. I've progressed to 1 rep maxes tested this week:

Squat: 220 lbs Deadlift: 330 lbs Bench: 175 lbs Press: 115 lbs

So here's my question:
1. Would you recommend I follow my trainers advice and proceed directly to smolov and sheiko programming?
2. Any other recommendations?

I'm lifting pain free and substance free, and I feel like I have a good month or 2 left of noob gains. My goal isn't to lose weight or be a bodybuilder, I want to get my lifting numbers at least to decent lifting standards as quickly as possible.