Lifting, a Waste of Time?

Sorry everyone I gotta get this off my chest so I dont rip the person a new one if she says it again.

When my girlfriend and I told her mom we were heading to the gym she said “what a waste of time” and said it again a few days later.

It’s really fucking annoying I dont know about everyone else but I like working out, I mean I look forward to it. Sure some days I am tired and not as amped, but most of the time it does not require a great act of discipline to get to the gym.

Its funny I guess what pisses me off is that she doesnt seem to realize that anything you dont WANT to do is a waste of time. She loves gardening…I think it is a complete waste of time, and would never do it. Fuck if mountain climbing isnt your thing then preparing to and climbing Mt. Everest is a waste of time.

I liked her husbands response, she asked how long it took and I said an hour and a half, which is what prompted her coment, He said honey thats shorter then the length of time it takes to watch two telivision shows.

Imagine that for less time then it takes to watch two fucking idiotic worthless tv. shows a few times a week you can have the body you want and be healthier.

Moreover if you ENJOY working out then not only are you getting the benefits you are having fun as well. Anyhow needed to rant I didnt want to blow up on her, I think its wise to be on good terms with the girlfriends parents.

There I feel much better.

Good Luck to Everyone with your training,nutrition, and life! Fuck the toxic assholes who try to bring you down, ignore them and stay strong!

Let me guess…her Mom’s a fat ass!

Tell your girlfriend next time her mother say’s that, to reply with “thats ok mom, tommorrow night we’re going to stay home and have sex”. She’ll probably instantly like the gym.

Well said.

If you take this into perspective than practically anything you do in life (except breathing LOL) is a waste of time… it all matters on personal opinion.

If it matters to you, do it. Don’t let this woman bring you down with her worthless comments. At the least your GF should have defended you or said something in your defense unless she just goes to watch YOU work out (which is fine) You don’t even have to launch into a tirade about how it makes you a better, healthier, stronger person… nuff said…
for some people ignorance and contempt is the only 2 roads they take in life.

I don’t know about you but I love working out… It clears up my shitty days and I truly get fired up thinking about annihilating old PR’s and crushing the iron… just writing this reply on my rest day has me wanting to go back tonight LOL.

I feel you though, my mom is the same way, she thinks I am too big LOL. Either way, I tell her it’s my body and it’s my way of relaxation and she stops nagging.

As Buddha once said, “You are your own master; who else ? Subdue yourself, and discover your true master.”

Learn to tune it out and follow your own voice.

[quote]RoadWarrior wrote:
“thats ok mom, tommorrow night we’re going to stay home and have sex” [/quote]

That’s some good GPP workout at Home :slight_smile:

Geek boy

Every time you see her sitting in front of the TV, ask her what she’s doing and let her know how much of a waste of time it is, then go into how being that lazy is slowly killing her and how it costs everyone so much money for health care because of all the lazy people getting tons of diseases that could have been prevented if they’d only worked out regularly.

How’s the saying go, an once of prevension is worth a pound of cure?

I could see how that would piss you off. I have to hear ignorant comments from people who think they know what they’re talking about all the time.

look her in the face and say “Tube Steak Boogie”

kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear that shit all the time and it seems to me that the people that say that kind of stuff are the ones that really want to do it and just dont have it in them to do it. Thats the shit that makes me lift HARDER!!! and eat cleaner. I guess it sucks to be them.

Next time she says that, punch her in the throat. See if that doesn’t change her mind.

I think you owe the woman an apology. The next time she tries to set you straight, take her aside and say, “Look, you’re right and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I look better, feel better and will probably live a decade longer than you.” Then give her a hug and walk away.

It’s amazing how ignorant people can be. I bet she thinks it’s a waste of time because she sees physical work as being hard and unrewarding. How shallow some are.

Definitely give her the tube steak boogie!

Okay, look, she’s got her opinion and unfortunately she continues to express it. There is probably something somewhere that she disapproves of or doesn’t understand.

Anyhow, what would really be a waste of time, instead, would be to sit on your ass, smoke pot, play nintendo and screw your girlfriend until she couldn’t walk straight.

Wait a minute, what am I saying!?

Try not to get too offended by it. If you can’t just ignore it, politely let her know that you value your good health and therefore choose to look after yourself with respect to physical activity and nutrition.

It is possible however that she is more so reflecting on the concept of a woman going to the gym?

I see people wasting their time in the gym all the time–worse, they’re wasting my time by being there.

I see people wasting their time in the gym all the time–worse, they’re wasting my time by being there.[/quote]

Aint that the truth. That is a way too common observation.

Replying to this thread is a waste of time, but it’s my choice to do so.

[quote]futuredave wrote:
Next time she says that, punch her in the throat. See if that doesn’t change her mind.[/quote]

You can actually follow up the punch with a line like, “you think lifting weights is a waste of time, well, I just saved time by only needing to hit you once. If I didn’t lift, I would have to hit you repeatedly to get the same result. And oh yeah, I can go a lot longer and harder in the sack with your daughter because of the lifting.”


[quote]futuredave wrote:
Next time she says that, punch her in the throat. See if that doesn’t change her mind.[/quote]

That was hilarious!

I guy I work with is a real negative nancy. No matter what you do or say, he has a reason why you are wrong or it won’t work, or why you haven’t thought it through enough. It’s like every time you talk to him you have to go in armed with a million caveats. Of course there’s only 3 of us here so I have to talk to him.

He just a few minutes ago got done telling me why the amount I bid on a home 2 hours ago was either not enough or too much, for various reasons. (Apparently it didn’t matter which, as long as he could tell someone they were wrong). Argh!