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Lifting a Car


is there any standard you need to reach before you are able to lift a a regular car from the back?? i mean for example 450lb deadlift....500lb rack pull......


No. I have beat people with much better deadlifts than me on car deadlifts (side handle) a lot. it really is a different lift.

You should use very little low back, the first part of the pull to break it off the ground is a lot of quads than just all hips push them forward squeeze with the glutes.

I find for me it is more of a box squat where you really sit back into it. chest up, pop the hips forward


There are a lot of variables - the weight of the car, the configuration of the car deadlift apparatus (assuming that you are using one), etc.

In general I would say that as long as you can deadlift 400 lbs you can usually find a way to deadlift a car - just might need a compact car and the handles all of the way out. One good way to train without a car is to put a tire on the car deadlift apparatus (assuming you have one), and you can add people/kegs for additional load.