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Lifting 5 Months, 139-148. Rate My Progress, Be Honest

Been lifting for 5 months, started at 139 and am at 148 currently, just want to know what I should work on and if I am even making considerable progress

Try taking the photo with the same pose, same lighting, same distance from camera, to document progress.


What’s your training and diet like?

Obviously, before-and-after pictures from the front, back, and side, with no flexing or stomach-sucking, are optimal, but I can tell you right now, even if you did take perfect pictures, we wouldn’t be able to tell much of a difference, because you’ve been lifting for 5 months. A small percentage of genetic freaks will blow up within a half-year or touching weights. You are not one of those people. That’s cool, neither am I. It’s gonna take years of heavy lifting and hearty eating to gain appreciable size.

Tell us your diet, workout plan, and age, and maybe we can get you over to the training log subforum to start a log and begin tracking your progress! Best of luck.

I think they’re both after pictures.

Being honest, 5 years is a better measuring stick than 5 months. You’re young, you need to give it time.