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Lifting 3+ Years, Goal is Mens Physique, but Weak. Worth Doing Strong Lifts 5x5?

Hey everyone, Iv’e been lifting for a little over 3 years years now
I started lifting when I turned 16, I’m currently 19.

My current stats:
Body weight this morning: 77kg
Diet: 3600cals using MyFitnessPall || bulk = +~1kg a week.
Height: 6ft 1inch
Bench: 90kgx3 for two sets
Squat: 100kgx2 (was 110kgx2 about a year and some months ago - not sure what happened to it)
Deadlift: 140kgx1

Current dilemma:
My sole goal with lifting is “aesthetics”, to achieve as close to a mens physique division, jeff seid, steve reeves, jon skywalker esque physique naturally. My lifts are pretty weak however, especially in comparison to other friends who lift. Moreover, my lifts have plateaued for a long time now. Despite bodybuilding being my goal, I figured would it be a good idea to do strong lifts 5x5 for a while to atleast get my stats to:
deadlift: 180kg
Whilst bulking to roughly 85kg.

My current training routine:
DAY 1: INTENSITY (Chest/ Back/ Tricep) low reps
DAY 2: VOLUME (SHOULDERS / LEGS / BICEPS) high reps (quads and calf)
DAY 5: VOLUME (Chest/ Back/ Tricep) high reps
DAY 6: VOLUME (SHOULDERS / LEGS / BICEPS) high reps (hamstring and calf)
(bench 3x a week, squat once)

So what should I do? try stronglifts 5x5 or something else to get my strength up?
I need to gain strength as fast as possible.


If you want to achieve a particular physique, train and eat in an appropriate manner. problem solved.

You might need to push yourself a little bit.

damn bro didn’t think of that. Might also try putting weight on the bar or eating food.

I would do starting strength over strong lifts. Maybe 531 BBB might be better, since you are not strong, but also not weak.

Are you sure? That’s a lot of mass to be aiming to add every week. How is this going so far?

IMO it’s never worth doing SL5x5.


Another thing to consider is that you are currently doing 6 day/week training. Going to 3 might be a hard transition.

You could do a 4 day/week program. Maybe consider powerbuilding? I know a couple of dudes that powerlift, and are pretty close to men’s physique as far as body goes. Despite what others say powerlifting is pretty good for muscle building.

I’m fatter than when I was doing bbing, but I have more lean mass than my total body weight was when bbing. My shoulders are wider, chest bigger, and my arms are bigger despite doing very little arm work now, and previously I used to do a full arm day.

I’ll warn you that once I started powerlifting, all my desires to spray tan and wear a thong disappeared. Now I want big weight with a reasonably lean body.

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That would probably work too. Especially if you apply a tad bit of effort.

Even if you’re going for aesthetics, you still have to progressively challenge the muscles enough to continue to elicit growth.

Well, I lost alot of weight due to jaw surgery and getting sick, so I was at 69KG around the end febuary (was 78kg end of last year). As I said I’m now back at 77kg, It’s going okay.