Lifting 3 days in a row?

About a month or so ago I started a new job 65 miles away from home. I’m commuting. I joined a gym in the city I work in. I work mon-fri.
Mon. 1-9
Fri. 6am-4

I’m home on the weekends so my gym is 65 miles away and cant lift sat. or sun.
I go early on mon and tues.
But when weds. and thurs are over im to damn pooped to go to the gym. Remember I commute so I have to get up around 4am. And going to the gym after work plus another 65 miles drive after that is too much for me.
If I could find a way to get out a workout on sat or sun. would it be ok to lift 3 days in a row?
I know how important rest is and everything. Im not a newbie and know the rules for recovery etc…
but damn i hate not lifting as much as i used to.

the main thing is that your working out. try to eat healthy during this time.depending on your goals consider a p/w drink or meal

Hmm, tough one.

I’ve done 3 days in a row, it was fine for me as long as I took 2 days off after that. Course that don’t mean crap for you since you aren’t me, but anyway.

Only thing that you have to watch is overlap from day to day. And some things overlap that you dont notice at first glance.

Like if you do lots of pullups one day, and the next do lots of deadlifts. Gets tough on the hands.

Just do a nice 3 day split and it should be fine. Not optimum, but still workable.

I say you quit your job, and get a job closer to home.

Is buying a power rack and putting in your garage or basement an option for a weekend lift?

If I was getting up 4am everyday I’d worry more about getting adequate sleep than lifting 3 days in a row. I also travel quite a bit, and it’s very painful, and by Wednesday I’m ready to drop.

Here’s the seninero Upper body day 1 lower body day 2 Upper body day 3. Switch it the following week lower body day 1 upper body day 2 and lower body day 3. And so on and so forth. Focus also on Compound movments such as Squats,Deadlifts, Bench press, O-lifts ect. Don’t worry too much on “isolation” movements.

In Health,

Silas C.

I agree with fitone, except just workout M W F or M T F or something like that.

Just Lift!

I’ve done 4 days in a row doing King’s Limping and Super strength. It’s tough, but you can still make great gains. Eat right and eat lots to assist in recovery. Try to sleep as much as you can…without having it interfere with your life.

While the gains might not be optimal they can still be made. Pick a good program, change things up as you would normally, eat clean, etc. Lifting 3 days in a row is better than nothing at all.

Good Luck

I make sure I get plenty of sleep.
The only night I find myself sleep deprived is Tues. night. When I work til 9 then have an hour and a half drive home and have to get up the next AM around 4.

I’ve thought about getting a power rack and bench. But it’s likely I’ll be finding a roommate witha aplce near where I live as winter is getting closer.
Then my worries will be over.
But until then.

oh yeah
last week I ordered kings video pak3. cant wait for it to come