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Liftin Shoes


I'm tired of ruining athletic shoes by doing squats, deadlifts and the stomps on cleans, jerks, and snatches (I assume these to all be equally contributing culprits).

I've blown through 2 pairs of shoes from lifting in the last two weeks.

What do y'all recomend?

I know I've read that Chuck Taylors are pretty solid for squatting, but what about oly and deadlifting?

I'd hate to have to suck it up and buy an expensive ass pair of oly shoes.

What'ch'yall recommend?


I oly lifted in chucks and in a pair of cheap Feiyue shoes (available off Amazon) that are little more than slippers.

I had plenty of hip, ankle, and hamstring flexibility, so going ass to grass in the recoveries was no problem. However, I pull from a narrow stance, and oly shoes have really helped me sit back and keep my hips down, especially in the snatch pull. They also make it much easier to make corrections in the bottom of the full snatch. I had plenty of flexibility to make full snatches without shoes, but shoes afforded me more 'wiggle room' to save a crappy snatch or even make a crappy snatch into a good one.

I use the Adidas Adistar Weightlifting shoes, the expensive ones. They work really well - high quality. I know a bunch of lifters at the gym who have had adidas shoes for years, and they've lasted well enough that when the soles finally wore down over the course of several years, the rest of shoe was still in such good shape that they could just take it to a cobbler, have the sole rebuilt, and keep using it. Don't overtighten the elastic straps that go over the laces, though - they aren't designed to be cinched tight, and if you try this you will put pressure on an area of the strap not designed to bear it and rip one of the straps.


adidas samba.


I use my wrestling shoes for working out, and I love them. They weren't all that expensive, and they're pretty minimal when it comes to padding and shit like that... it's kind of like going barefoot without the getting kicked out of the gym part. I don't have a lot of years under my belt for lifting heavy, though, so I'd be interested to see what some of the experienced guys would think about wrestling shoes as a cheap alternative or if they would even be ideal lifting shoes to begin with.


I have the black ASICS Fuerte's.



I got these and am very happy with them. One day I will get some adidas shoes. Just make sure you give yourself some time to get used to the higher heel.


I wear Nike Free 5.0 shoes that I designed and ordered on line. I am sure some 5 year old kid stitched them together in some Korean sweat shop, but he did a damn good job. I love these shoes. I train in them everyday. I just ordered another pair so that when I finally wear these out, I will have some to fall back on.



I have a pair of adidas superstars (Beckenbauer all round). Good looking and good for lifing.


Both shoes that I blew out were adidas.

Amazingly, both pairs were around 2 years old (which says something of hte quality, 2 years is pretty impressive).

One set was SS2Gs (updated Superstars) and they went after my first Oly workout in them the other day.

The other was some running shoes I'd worked out in forever with. They are begging to be retired, and should be.

I like the suggestions. And just curious, where'd y'all get your Oly shoes at?


New Balance. Not only are they great shoes, there made right here in the good old USA by well paid union workers.

Shame on you Prof X and everyone else for buying anything from Nike. Or any other shoe manufacture besides New Balance.

Its tuff, but I always buy american made if I can.



your buying shoes every two weeks.

Buy some Addidas Oly Shoes and they will last for ten years, and will increase your squat and overhead press by 10% just from the extra stability.

I have competed in the oly lifts and powerlifts and am still wearing the same pair.


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incidendly ive just ordered the adidas deadlift shoes from here: -


am waiting for them to ship in this week i hope.

Ill review after.


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"Little Bobby in Afghanistan works hard on American black man's shoes."

Bobby: "whew, I get extra pay for big feet!"

See, I'm helping!



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I bought my oly shoes from a guy in my city, he's been running his oly shoe business for like ten years and he does ship to the US, a pair would set you back $120 US, but thats a hell of a lot cheaper than a pair of addidas oly shoes. He gets you to send a pencil tracing of your feet to him and then figures out what size would fit you best.

Just go to:


I lift in my wrestling shoes. They are flat soled and flexible, they feel like you've just got a thin strip of rubber under your feet. They cost me around $40, they're Aasics wrestling shoes. Great for lifting, but wrestling in them is another story. After 2 seasons, one shoe is falling apart and i can stick my toes out of them. They have character.


I wear CSA approved workboots.

4 years, and still going.


where do you guys get your oly adidas shoes. ive looked all over the interwebs looking.


actually, if you read on down the thread, I explain how I'd had both pairs for quite some time (about 2 years). And just recently footbed blowouts have become common with these kicks.

If I bought a new pair of shoes every two weeks, I'd probably be a candidate for the soy awards.

Thankfully, I am not.

I'm kind've getting the feeling here that I might have to just save up and get a good pair of Adidas.

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