▶️ Lifter's Treatment for Elbow Pain

Few things derail your training more than elbow pain. The problem? The typical solutions don’t address the real causes. Your elbow pain may not be a problem with the elbow itself. The real problem (and solution) is often found in the joints above or below the elbow.

Jon Habeshy

00:00 The Lifter’s Treatment for Elbow Pain
00:21 Close-Grip Floor Press
00:32 Half-Kneeling Banded Triceps Extension
00:44 Standing Biceps Stretch
00:56 Ulnar Nerve Glide
01:07 Banded Pull-Apart with External Rotation
01:23 Supine Banded Face Pull
01:35 Banded External Rotation with Press Out
01:49 Cat Camel to Serratus Hip Lift
02:11 Barbell Suitcase Carry

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