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Lifters to Watch This Olympic Season?

opinions, who do you guys think are the top guys (irrespective of weight class) in 2013? not necessarily who are the top guys right now, but who are the sleepers, they guys ready to make a move, the up and comers to watch for?

Donovan Ford hit 160/200 and cleaned 205 early Sept. and did an easy 165 snatch this past weekend. If he can stay healthy, he will impress many soon.

(Long) Short list:
Apti Aukhadov, Alexey Kosov, Random Chinese Lifters, Mohammadpour, Ilya, Chinshanlo, Cocos, Rostami, Zielinski (85), D Dolega (maybe).

I know some of them are obviously established (Olympic champions), but I included them because I believe there’s a lot of potential there.

Also wonder whether we will see Klokov and Akkaev again (they’d be 33 and 31 respectively in Rio and lots of good guys are up and coming). Have a feeling Marcin Dolega will retire as well, the 105s were his for the taking…that must’ve been devastating.

For the love of god, can we please have Aramnau, Klokov, and Akkaev competing against each other again?

Torokhtiy in the 105’s is a beast. He won gold, however the three best lifters in the 105’s did not compete in London. A youtube video posted today showed him snatching 198kg, 2kg short of the world record.

Ilyin may move up to the 105’s, which would be quite interesting.

Aukhadov is unreal at 19 years old.

I’m curious to see how J.D. Arroyo Valdez does in the next few years. He was the top 105 B group lifter in London. He’s 6’4 so his technique is much different than most lifters, but the man is a complete animal.