🚴‍♀️ Lifters Not Lifting (Share Your Hobbies!)

Show Off Your Hobbies

T Nation is full of people with cool hobbies, but there are still those who believe the myth that we must “live in the gym” and obsess over food in order to be fit. Not true.

So let’s see your interests. Share as many pics as you’d like doing things outside the gym. You get 10 imaginary points for every hobby!


I have a ton of things I love to do other than lifting

Welding (Although tbh, I weld a lot for my gym - the first thing I made was a deadlift jack)





Your hobbies blow my mind! And now I want to be BFFs with you. The furniture you made looks like it could go in a West Elm catalogue. Very cool!

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Thanks. I live in an old house that’s fairly narrow. I couldn’t find small scale furniture to fit the space so…

I don’t actually know what I’m doing and kind of made it up as I went along.


holy crap! your woodwork looks like something from a high end furniture store


I like to cook/eat, write and sketch.

I have a food blog and sketch wedding dresses/jewelry.

recent works


I love hockey.

Will climb almost anything for the downhill.

I’m pretty bad at guitar.

And I cross stitch band lyrics (and sell them for charity).


that’s dope!

do you make the patterns yourself?


Thank you! Sometimes I’ll seek out a reference image if I’m stuck, but for the most part, I come up with the patterns.


That’s sounds like what an artist would say. You’ve got some skills!

So I’d like to order that first dress. Size 6/8 please. GORGEOUS.

That looks like a lot of fun!

I’m jealous! Mountain biking is something I’d love to do, but I feel too guilty going outdoors without the dogs. LOL

You gotta suck in order to get better, and that set up looks super cool.

Oh my goodness that’s cute! WOW!

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Fair enough! Haha

I’ve seen a few dogs keep up with their riders on the trails. Gravel, though, is the new bike trend. It might be a more dog friendly adventure.

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Was excited to share my hobbies, then I realized outside of lifting - I have none. :grimacing:

Does arguing with people on PWI count?


Why leave them at home?

  1. Houseplants: At one point I couldn’t seem to get enough.

They’re living, growing sculptures that add life to any room. I found my limit around 40 and wouldn’t mind paring down to 30… but propagation is so fun that I can’t stop making more.

  1. Hiking: It’s a summertime must in this area. I’m too much of a sissy to hike when it’s cold and there’s snow on the ground. (The dogs don’t like to get their paws cold either. LOL.) Also, many of the trails are closed off in the winter. So 'tis the season to take a hike every week.


  1. Self defense: I’ve taken multiple firearm classes and have joined a women’s club. I’m a noob in this area, but want to learn more and be as prepared (for anything) as possible. I have another conceal carry class scheduled later this month and have worked one on one with a few instructors. I’m so hungry for more knowledge on firearms that I welcome any tips from other gun owners. (And yes, I’ve been lurking/learning in all the forums that address this topic.)


I like to get high

And explore


Omg! My friend’s family is obsessed with house plants.

This is her living room

Apparently they also have another room just for plants


I love everything about that picture and am always impressed by people who can ride with their dogs. You’ve got such a sweet pup and amazing views!

We’re too afraid of our dogs touching the moving spokes or getting hurt in some other way. They also pull on our leashes pretty hard at the first sight of rabbits and squirrels, and we’re not prepared to get jerked around while on bikes. Maybe we’re just being sissies or we need someone to train us how to ride with dogs.

That’s amazing; I see some pretty high-maintenance ones in there too, so they’re pros at it for sure!

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