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Lifters in the San Franciso Area?


Just wondering guys!



I've only been training 5 months, but I'm in the San Francisco area.


I don't live there, but there is a guy named Jim Schmitz who was the US olympic coach in the 80's and 92, and he is out of SF. A place called the Sports Palace.

Look him up.

Look for a thing called "Schmitz on the lifts."

Apparently you cant put links on here, google "Ironmind" and you should find something about him


Just wondering. I'm training with a fellow Tn her actually and at Cal strength :slight_smile: in the 3rd week of April.

thecage41, where do you train?



I train here:

That's awesome that you will be at Cal Strength. Make sure to get in some of those training videos on their website.


You ever trained at Cal Strength?



No, I haven't. I may compete at the meet they are hosting later this year, though.


Jim is in South San Francisco last I heard. He closed down the Sports Palace and now teaches the lifts at a gym called Physique Manifique. He won't let you drop the bar though.


I am an undergrad at Cal, but unfortunately the main gym does not allow olympic lifting and I haven't taken the "test" to be allowed in the new olympic lifting room. Can someone just walk in and get say, a day pass at California Strength?


I just wanted to echo Schmitz. I don't and haven't trained with him, but I know a few guys at my gym (World's) who do/have.

Best thing to do is ask around locally. I don't know that I'd recommend any of the trainers at World's for Oly work (possibly Achim Albrecht, fomrmer bodybuilder). I've heard possible good word about Valencia St. Muscle.


I'll be at the Eleiko Academy with a Tn'er and at Cal Strength in 18 days time :slightly_smiling:



Yup. Jim is in south san francisco at physique magnifique. He was coaching me. He will let you drop the bar if it's heavy and you know what your doing. I've only got about 4 months of Olympic lifting under my belt but I've had to take a break cause I've got carpal tunnel and it was getting worse. Can't wait to get back to it. It was very fun and addicting.