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Lifters in SE Houston/Clear Lake


We have 2 garage gyms, one in League City the other in Texas City and are looking for lifters.

Mine is in LC, and I have 1200lbs plates, 500lbs dumbbells, safety squat bar, power rack, ghr, reverse hyper, bands, chains, dragging sled, 500lb tire and probably some other stuff I forgot.

PM me or e-mail me if interested.


I live in LaMarque,I do a lot of olympic lifting, just got finish doing the westside for skinny bastards for 6 weeks, but man I got to give you your props for your gym, looks nice.


I sent you a PM, no idea if it went through or not.

You ought to come by. Either my gym or the one in TC...


Oh, and thanks for the props, I am very proud of the gym!



How do you workout with 500lb dumbells and how big is a 1200lb plate? LMAO, just kidding


Get with it. Everything is bigger in Texas.

BTW: Nice gym. I workout in Baytown. It is a little far for me to drive.


I didn't receive the pm, would love to come and check out one of the spots.


Hey dude, I e-mailed you via the e-mail function of this forum. Let me know if you got it.

I will also try to PM you again.