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Lifters' Footwear

Which is the best type of shoe i can buy? I do heavy lifting, bodybuilding etc…
Search was to vague and i would have had to do lots of digging about,

It is a matter of personal preference.

A lot of powerlifters just wear Converse “Chuck Taylors” - a high cut flat bottom shoe.

Addidas makes some very good weightlifting shoes.

Otomix makes some good weightlifting training shoes as well, but don’t wear them outside of the gym in the street, they will wear out too fast.

I prefer to wear wrestling shoes when I lift.

There is a new type of footwear out that basically simulates going barefoot. It is called Vibram Five Fingers. Barefoot runners and climbers swear by them.

I might give them a try.

Hope this helps

I wear a pair of chuck taylors.

I plan on getting a 20$ pair or wrestling shoes also.

The Adidas Sambas work well for me.

What you really need for lifting is a “lack of shoe”. There’s very little impact involved so the best choice is flat, stable footwear that make you feel like you’re barefoot. I found some really cheap italian track shoes at Target that I like. They provide a good stable base and they cost me $12. Look around.

Nike 5.0’s.

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