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Lifter Friendly Gym in Little Rock, AR?

Hi all, new to the forums and somewhat to lifting. At the beginning of this year I started working out regularly at 10 Fitness on Rodney Parham in Little Rock, AR, but lately I’ve been getting passionate about weight training and their free weight equipment is pretty inadequate (only smith machines and one bench).

I’ve looked all over Little Rock for an affordable gym (i.e. not the Little Rock Athletic Club – $300 signup fee?!) that has such equipment as squat racks and power cages in addition to benches. The only place I have found that has a squat rack is Fitness Premier on Reservoir, but the place seems VERY cramped and crowded. I was going to check out Powerhouse, but as luck would have it, the day I went to check it out was the day they closed their Merrill Dr. location.

Can anyone help me find a place where I can do a proper squat? I know there are powerlifter friendly gyms in surrounding cities such as Russellville and Hot Springs, but I really can’t afford to make a drive like that several times a week so I really hope I can find something in Pulaski County.

I train at Ross Strength and speed. its off Jessie road. No machines, all free weights, multiple squat cages, squat stands, and lifting platforms for Olympic style lifting.

great gym, great group of people. its not glitzy or fancy, just a good group of people passionate about working out

not sure the url for that but im sure you could find it.

I live in Cabot and train at a private powerlifting gym in Jacksonville. Mike_littlerock suggested an excellent gym but I figured I’d throw in another option. If you a interested, feel free to let me know.