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Lift With Your Legs!?

What a crock of bull! Almost as big as starbucks. All the time people say “Lift with your legs, not your back” as if it is the 11th commandment. Sure that can mean a lot of things, but you can hurt your back as well while lifting with your legs. Same people that wear a weight belt for cardio & curls or even plain walking. As for me, I lift with my “stomach” and make my own tea & coffee at the house.

The intent is to have people squat to lift heavy loads. Subsequently they have less back curvature/loading, and provided they don’t stumble forward, less chance of injury.

It’s perfectly legitimate advice for most. If you feel your testicles are peculiarly strong, you may lift with those for all it matters.


Ha! They’re not that strong… yet. But, Im just saying that most people, probably 90% don’t use’/tell that advice where it should apply.