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Lift With Intensity



Got in a few squats last night, nothing magical and no PRs, but at least I got some in. Worked up to a fairly easy 265, but 285 kicked my ass. Twice. Controlled negative, at best. It's ok, because in between sets I was texting (OMG CALL THE COPS!) with a guy who's selling some stuff on craigslist that I want, so my head wasn't in it.

Powertech cage
Body Solid adjustable bench
500#s of weight and a (straight) bar
Weight tree
A bar he called "cambered" but I think it's just the EZ curl bar. Hey, I'll take it.
For $650. New, the cage and bench are that much so adding a 1/4 ton of weight and a tree to hold it (wife will like that, no more plates everywhere!) makes it a damn good deal, to me.

So this week/weekend I'll be working on taking out everything from my "dungeon" (carpet included) laying some epoxy coating down, finishing the drywall/painting, building a platform for being awesome, etc. GPP anyone?

And this morning I threw in 10 minutes of FMC consisting of treadmill pushing, 30 sec on/30 off, alternating between forward and backwards pushing. "Cool down" was lying on the floor.

Let the games, continue.


Black cherry popped


Damn that's a monster of a deal you caught.....

Used weights arround here are 79 cents per pound alone

Your gym sounds like its gonna be so nasty

Im talking hooker with dreadlocks nasty....


white cherry popped


x2 on what rock said. You're home gym is gonna be legit. Did the guy send you pics of the rack/bench/all that stuff? For 650 thats a bad ass deal for sure


You should hit up a junkyard and pick up a tire too and then buy a sledge hammer


Of course I got pictures dude.


Some weights and the tree


Inks my cherry pie

Sweet cherry pie......

Something somethin

Make a grown by cry


Ten feet wide

Sweet cherry piiiieeee


Thanks dude, "Hooker with dreads nasty" is the theme I'm going with. Might need to get the sledge/tire combo to keep in there too, since I'm going to have the space when I pull out that bench I have now.

Don't worry, there'll be pics of it when it's all done.


All up in hurrrr.

Home gym is gonna be awesome man!


Thanks Blaze.

Ct, you got a future in songwriting, fo sho


just adding to the nasty theme here



< ------------------ is jealous of Inky.


Dude that is awesome, now "IF" you fail, you can have epic fails like me. lol

Seriously though that is cool dude, sounds like you got a good deal as well.


Just a tip, having your dungeon poorly lit automatically increases focus and animal rage.


Ct, I just need a stripper pole in the gym to go with the Warrant jam, and we're 100% complete nasty.

Edgy, don't be jelly. You're still stronger than I am in every lift. I'm the jelly one.

Herc, you're right. Now I'll push a little bit harder and look forward to epic fails. Ok, not "look forward to" but they'll be more epic, indeed.

Aqua, good point. Maybe I'll lift by candlelight?


You should cover the walls of your home gym with naked ladie pictures so that your testosterone is raging like non other throughout you're workout and you gain strength/muscle like a mad man... It's science


It IS science Greg, that'll be my excuse when the wife is like "Uh, wtf?" "But babe, Greg SAID it's science. Think about it!"

No training last night, just tried to finish up some painting in the house that has been left undone for EVER (oops. I'm the master of not finishing projects-like why my gym wall still isn't painted....whatevs) so I can move on to the next thing on my list of "Things to do before making the gym EPIC". I really wanted to get a platform built this weekend, but I might have to hold out a couple of weeks for some more cash. It's alright, I'm still getting my shit tomorrow and WILL SMFs this weekend!

I need to get a benching session in before the rennovation, hopefully tonight.

Question...has anyone tried following any Sheiko programs? Reading BigBen198's log and downloading an app (which tells the weight/reps based on 1rms, and the assistance exercises. "SheikoDroid") on my phone for it got me interested. I know the volume is high and the sessions are long, but I think that might be what I need to move my fucking lifts up. I'm considering running program 29 for 4 weeks, then maybe a cycle of 5/3/1 (or 3/5/1) through the month of October, and be ready for an Oct 29th meet.

Thoughts/inputs/ideas? I know I'm kinda A.D.D. about this shit, but this takes the guess work out of it for a month and would allow me to just follow a program as written and not allowing me to tweak it or cut myself short.


Found a "5 week Competition Cycle" I could run after the first month's program. So essentially, it'd look like this: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/Sheiko29.htm

followed by this: http://www.elitefts.com/sheiko/5_week_comp_cycle.htm