Lift With Honor

Background - Played football from 8th to 12th grade. Suffered knee injury from weight training when 18 years old. Slacked off through college years, gained fat. Now beginning to train seriously again. The cartilage of the knee still grinds together from time to time, causing pain during long distance running, but surprisingly not during deadlifts or squats unless done in an excessive volume (though still able to be brushed off with good quality knee brace and therapy.) Planning on trying out for a rugby club in several months from now, but that isn’t the driving force of my training. Just strengthening and conditioning my body in general.

Age: 22
Weight: 235 Lb
Height: 5’9
Bench: 255
Deadlift: 375
OHP: 170
Squats: 290

Breakfast - Hydro whey shake, cup of 2 percent milk, half cup of oats, 1.5 tablespoon of peanut butter
Snack - Protein bar
Lunch - 8 0z chicken breast with asparagus and spring veggies
Post workout - Can of chunk white chicken
Dinner - Grilled sirloin beef tips
Snack - Pistachios and pack of protein pudding
[1876 calories, 239 grams of protein]

Warm up of mountain climbers and lunges

5 x 215
5 x 250
5 x 280 (grip slipped in 3rd rep. Was going for 9)
5 x 300
5 x 315

Box squats:
115 x 14
135 x 11
135 x 10
135 x 8

30 seconds
40 seconds
30 seconds

Hill sprints = 13

Note - No more shrugs before deadlift day. Do on same day. Rookie mistake and embarrassing. Traps felt like squashed shit during work reps.