Lift Specific Program Split at Home Gym

Coach I’m doing a lift specific split at my home focusing on the deadlift, bench press, squat, and overhead press. Other than a power rack and barbell I have a dip and chin up station.

I was wondering what you think of this split since I have limited equipment (no dumbells, machines)

MONDAY- Back/Traps

Deadlift - 3x4-6
Pendlay Row - 2x6-8
Chin Up - 2x6-8
Snatch Grip High Pull or Shrugs - 2x6-8

WEDNESDAY- Chest/Biceps

Bench Press- 2x4-6
Incline Bench- 2x6-8
Dips- 2x6-8
Barbell Curls- 3x6-8

FRIDAY- Legs/Abs

Squat- 3x4-6
Front Squat or Reverse Lunge- 2x6-8
RDL- 3x6-8
Ab work

SATURDAY- Shoulders/Triceps

Overhead Press- 3x4-6
Behind Neck Press- 2x6-8
Barbell Tricep Extensions- 3x6-8

Thank you for your time!

I feel like his response back in 2016 is as applicable then as it is now, no?

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No that’s when I had access to dumbells and machines and I do not now.

I still think it applies. Are your weaknesses the same then as now? Maybe. Agreed, your limited equipment restricts the potential exercise selection but wouldn’t you agree that the spirit of the post still warrants consideration? Namely, what are your current weaknesses that could stand to be addressed through exercise selection or wherein lies the room for most improvement.

A lengthier argument is made for this, in a sense, by the article “THE MAIN PURPOSE OF CLIENT ASSESSMENT: EXERCISE SELECTION” on Thibarmy.

Your volume seems lower than before, does that mean your RPE is higher?

I was trying to help you get help, because again you just posted exercises and one limitation but that alone isn’t adequate to say if there are improvements to the program (this is more a program than a split IMHO) to be made. The only thing that you could conceivably get would be “this is not bad”, and if that’s all you are looking for then well I guess we are at an impasse.

If you don’t want others on the forum to butt-in maybe you should consider paying the man for his services.


I have bought 3 programs from his website.

And again, this is a question I had for him.