Lift Slow to Get Quick?

Ive seen it over and over coaches and trainers saying that you should lift slow in order to wrestle fast. I’m no expert but wont this be no where near as effective as doing explosive lifts? I always thought that the closer to real situation the more effective lifts would be. Should I continue to do explosive lifts like power clean or should I listen to this advice and lift slow to get stronger?

People pay too much attention to bar speed its fucking ridiculous.

You should lift heavy weight with the intention to move it fast the bat speed might be slow but that is a consequence of physics.

There is no reason to drop bad ass moves like O-Lifts out of your program either.

There are plenty of ways to skin a cat.

He (your coach)isnt talking about slowing down oly lifts. Keep them, heavy and fast. Sometimes slow reps or super-slow reps (8-10 aeconds) can help break a plateau of some of your other compound movments, I.E. Bench and Squat. Just lighten the weight so you have more time-under-tension.