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Lift Run Bang Template

Paul, I’ve been reading the lift run bang template articles on your site and plan on running it as written. I’ve run 2 cycles of the super solider program and loved them.
Is there anything you would change/update on the LRB template given you are constantly learning new things

Thanks in advance

Oh man! That’s awesome! That template is the one I used for a LONG time with AMAZING results. There’s nothing I would change about that one.

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Then I will run it exactly as written!

Thank Paul, you are a true gentleman!

As an update Ive found this program to be absolutely brilliant - great balance of strength and hypertrophy work.

my main goal as i was using this post bodybuilding show was to make sure I didn’t get injured, give my body a break from 6 or 7 day a week training, and make use of the extra calories consumed post 7 months of prep - and it’s ticked all boxes

thanks @Paul_Carter

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where do we get this program ?

on Paul’ s Lift-Run-Bang website…

its in the august 2011 archive

there are 8 parts

its is a brilliant program - I’ve set PB’s on deadlifts, close grip bench and squat, improved conditioning, and recovery is great

highly recommended

The site is complicated, can’t find him

Thanks for reminding me of this one, Andyw.

How long does a typical workout take on this template? Are we talking 45 minutes or an hour and a half?

can you send me the template bro ??

I’m normally done in 60 mins max including warms ups. It’s a great template

google ‘lift run bang template’…

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thank you ! yeah this 3 days a week Template look great !

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