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Lift Run Bang Template


Paul, I’ve been reading the lift run bang template articles on your site and plan on running it as written. I’ve run 2 cycles of the super solider program and loved them.
Is there anything you would change/update on the LRB template given you are constantly learning new things

Thanks in advance


Oh man! That’s awesome! That template is the one I used for a LONG time with AMAZING results. There’s nothing I would change about that one.


Then I will run it exactly as written!

Thank Paul, you are a true gentleman!


As an update Ive found this program to be absolutely brilliant - great balance of strength and hypertrophy work.

my main goal as i was using this post bodybuilding show was to make sure I didn’t get injured, give my body a break from 6 or 7 day a week training, and make use of the extra calories consumed post 7 months of prep - and it’s ticked all boxes

thanks @Paul_Carter