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Lift Once/Wk or Even Less Frequently?


Hi, in 4 weeks from now I'm gonna be recruited to the army (everybody has to in my country) and I will probably not be able to lift at the base, at least not for a few months, but I wanna maintain my strength as much as possible, so when I'm home, which will be once every week, 2 weeks, or even 3 weeks.
Bottom line is that I will be lifting with extremely low frequency.

Is there any workout you would recommend doing to maintain most of my strength?
At the base I will be doing some body weight training, but what would you recommend to do when I'm home and have time for one workout or maybe 2 on the weekend?


Very heavy Westside style max effort work for incline bench and squat/deadlift alternating between triples and singles and then some high volume upper back and rear delt assitance work


Why incline bench and not a competition bench? And can you give me a link to more info about the westside max effort training? Never really got into it a lot because it's for equipped lifters..


I'd do each of the powerlifts for 5x5 and fight to hold my ground with the poundages. If you can stay close to where you're at you're in good shape going forward.

Good luck.


Just said incline as you'll be doing a bucket load of pushups in basic, so that will piss off your shoulders less and keep you more balanced.

Max effort is ramping up in weight over 8-10 sets in singles or triples to an all out max for the day