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Lift Like a Girl


I finally decided on a new name for my log after having someone tell me, yet again, that I shouldn't lift so heavy or I'll intimidate guys, have gross bulging muscles and will not be seen as a 'girl' to guys. After karate chopping him across the neck and punching him in the face a few times, I explained to him (after he regained consciousness) that despite lifting heavy, I am very much a girl. I just look better than the skinny-fat chicks that only do cardio and <10lb weights....

How is this not girly:
I have a pink belt, pink chuck taylors, a pink tee to compete in, black and pink DL socks, and a pink disney princesses chalk box. That's just off the top of my head. I coordinate my PL outfits. I even have a pink ipod, camera and blackberry.

Anyways, for continuity sake, here's the link to my old log that has no more room in it: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_women_training_performance_powerful/courts_quest_to_225

Also, as most of you know, I'm 4 days away from my 2nd PL meet.

1st meet:
Niagara PL Open 67.5kg
Knee Wraps & Belt only

Squat: 112.5 / -122.5 / 125.0
Bench: 45.0 / 52.5 / -57.5
Deadlift: 107.5 / 120.0 / 130.0
Total: 315.5 - Good for Class II, as well as national qualifying totals in both 67.5kg and 75kg

2nd meet:
Power Pit Push/Pull and Open 75kg
Full gear

Attempts will be approximately:
Squat: 135.0 / 145.0 / 150.0-155.0
Bench: 77.5 / 85.0 / 87.5 - 90.0
Deadlift: 137.5 / 152.5 / 157.5 - 162.5

The goal of this meet is to total 405.0kg and get my Masters total at 75kg. I will set my 3rd deadlift at whatever is required to reach this.


And since the pretty picture of my new deadlift socks didn't load in my last post of my old log, I'm going to try it again... They have one extra pink stripe at the top though.


I think everyone should coordinate their lifting attire. I'm black, red, and white this year.


Who was moron enough to tell you not to lift heavy?


The only things that don't match are my black/blue striped knee wraps and wrist wraps. It was suggested to me that I get all black ones since pink ones don't seem to exist. Plus I think pink wraps may be over doing it :slight_smile:


It doesn't matter - they're all dead.

The latest was a guy at work...actually one of my clients so I couldn't exactly tell him to fuck off. Some twats at the gym were making comments until they started showing up with black eyes and bruises...then the others quieted right up.


Ugh! That makes me nuts.

Atta Girl...LOL!

Wishing you luck!!! (not that you'll need it with those #'s)

Just wanted to drop by and say hi and tell you that you and all of the T-Vixens here are inspiring!!!


Look Court (if that is your real name), if you're going to do something don't half ass it ... if need be you get a magic marker and color some wraps pink! None of this mismatch shit ... only champions are fully coordinated ... If need be make a trip to your local kindergarten and recruit a defacto sweat shop to produce your pink wraps

Other than that good luck at your meet ... hope you get out all the frustration you exhibit in the forums :slightly_smiling:


Maybe that's why ddot needs to get his shoulder looked at.

And Court, the proper response if a guy tells you not to lift heavy is, "Heavy? This is a warm up set. If you think that's heavy go back to your stairmaster. Oh yeah, and check the lost and found for a set of balls on the way out, apparently your's are disfunctional." Only I'm sure you could make it much more colourful.

Now go apologize to ddot.


It's not my real name... it's just been my nickname since my parents tried to register me for kindergarten. The Catholic school wouldn't allow them to register me as "Evil Bitch" even though that's what was on my birth certificate. They decided on "Court" instead. Weird, I know.

Can you go back to being my bitch and make me some pink and black striped wraps please. Make sure to get them IPF approved.

PS. For those of you who don't know Polo, he likes boobs and sexy eyes and legs and vagina very very much. Especially boobs.


Since you know my likes (especially boobs) ... I suppose I'll make you your pink wraps ... you need em in two days right?


Hell, even I coordinate my lifting attire. I try to make sure the sweats always match the cape I'm wearing.


Nothing hotter than a girl who lifts heavy! Most of the women who are in this forum lift more than the "men" that post on this site. I love butts and women who lift generally have nice butts! :slight_smile: Polo, I like the way she introduced you, that is a great intro.


He also likes chihuahuas, duvets, and cold Sangria on a hot summer day.


There's nothing wrong with Sangria on a hot summer day ... it's refreshing


What about blinged out lifting attire?
are rhine-stoned wraps so bad



One be-dazzler for you, kmcnyc!!


One of the girls at my December meet had deadlifting socks with flashing LED hearts. I was jealous.


From APT - they come with or without velcro, 2 meter.


What's the over-under on when these are ordered by Court?