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Lift For Hope / Topekas Stongest


"Lift For Hope"
Phyllis Stevens Memorial
Topeka's Strongest Man

Date: February 9th 2008

Place: Kansas Expo Centre, R.R. Domer Show Arena; Topeka Ks.

Lift for Hope is a Memorial / Charity Contest with 100% of the profit going to Camp Hope an American Cancer Society, a unique week long wilderness camp for children ages 4-18 who have, or are currently, battling cancer. The American Cancer Society funds the camp which is going into its 26th year as of 2008. Camp Hope is set affront from other such camps in that it is accredited by the American Camp Association. It is the only camp for children with cancer that has physicians and medical directors on hand 24/7 allowing even children currently battling cancer and undergoing treatments to join in and enjoy the camp along side those in remission. Fore more info on Camp Hope: http://www.cancer.org/docroot/COM/content/div_Heartland/COM_5_1x_Camp_Hope.asp?sitearea=

Level: Gold
Weigh-ins: TBA
Rules Meeting at TBA
Competition Starts at TBA
Hotel: TBA

-Harolds Tire Axle Press For Reps
clean each rep, 60 seconds, no stuffing/bulking the belts
Weights : LW 200lbs
MW 230lbs
HW 250lbs
Womens 100lbs

-Wessel Rule Deadlift
No grip aids aside from chalk, belts and suits allowed

  • Implement Load and Rickshaw Medely
    100 feet with 5 implement loads, one implement from the star and one placed every 20 feet. I will post what the implements will be ASAP likely kegs or stones, sponsor dependent
    Weights: TBA

-Browns Super Service Truck / Wrecker Pull
100-60 feet. Harness and guide rope. I will make a call on the distance after I get to try out the various trucks and make a call on the ones to be used

The venue is a compacted dirt floor bring proper foot wear for the event

Mens lightweight up to 200
Middle weight up to 260
Heavy weight 261+
Womens ( entry dependent, step up ladies)

Entry Fees $50
Must Have A Current NAS Card (will be available the day of the meet)
Capped at first 45 entries

ENTRY Must Be Post Marked by Jan 21st, 2008
All Entries are Non refundable
LATE ENTRIES will not be accepted and any late post marks will be returned to the sender

Entries will be up soon

Contest Director: Phillip Stevens
1700 sw Buchanan
Topeka Ks, 66604
Email: liftforhope@yahoo.com

as a side note any party interested in helping in the form of donation or sponsorship please contact me at the above


Phill, good luck with the event! It's a great cause, and very cool of you to put it together.

I don't suppose you are allowed to compete if you're the contest director? Good looking events, I'll be interested to see what the weights are going to be.


looks like a good event


Thanks guy even in just the still very early stages its falling together and looks to be a great event



Good luck... I live in Topeka. But I am curious of the weights used. I hope to be under 200 by feb. so i will be coming off of a 30lb cut. So probably too weak feeling to enter. Probably not even strong enough anyway... lol...

When do you think you will know the weights?


the axle press says 200lbs for LW's

the deadlift is Wessel rules which means max weight, 3 attempts one no lift and you get no more attempts.

trucks it is hard to judge weight with difficulty as there are many factors.

the implement load/ricshaw should be very challenging endurance wise! even if the weights are light!


Oh, i didn't see the OHP weight.... Like i suspected. I am too weak.

I didn't know what wessel meant, thanks...

maybe in another 2 years.


You got5 month you live in Topeka come on down and train we'll get you ready :slight_smile:



Hey Phill, where do you train in Topeka? I'm going to K-State right now, maybe sometime in the future I could head down and train with you guys. Completely new to strongman event tho.

Also, is there an area to warm up for the Wessel DL, or do competitors go into the lift completely cold?


I train 4 blocks east of washburn university on 17th street a new gym Midtown fitness he allows me to keep all the toys there and gives me the parking lot to train events etc. Youll have to make it down LOTS of ppl in your area as well

There will be time prior to each event to do some warm ups with the implements. on the DL it will be loaded with the lowest opener .

Also PM me if your interested look like there is going to be a first time event in Dec at K-State and next weekend on saturday theres a big contest down by Salina. Highland Games, Strongman, Dino Challenge, BBQ, drinkin and such. Im going to try and make it. I backed out of the comp arm just isnt ready



Cool event Phill! Best of luck and I know you will put on a first rate event.



THANKS Malinda

Going well just a week and half into finding sponsors etc and its taking fire looking to be a hell of an event and already getting some sweet things for raffles etc. as well as some very generous montary donations that should not only make the event fly but allow me to give one heck of a donation to camp hope



Just bumping to keep everyone interested :slight_smile: as well cool stuff already showing up got some DVD's from Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson, a tool kit and die cast dragster from all pro auto, monetary donation from local business as well as T-Nation members.

Coming together slowly but looks to be a good time and a great cause



Sounds like you're making some great progress. I can't imagine all the work that must go into organizing an event like this.

I admire you for turning one of life's hardships, into a blessing that any mom would be proud of :slight_smile: Nor can I think of a better way to remember and honor a loved one. (well maybe throw back a couple brewskies and talk about the good ol days) Dang. I was trying to be serious.

Well, I'm sure it will be a bitter sweet journey for you. And one that will certainly impact and benefit so many lives.

Best of luck to ya, Phil.


Thanks Much c.

Its going well hitting a few places every day and going well after my art show Ill really put this in HIGH gear and have 4-5 months to make it SWEEET!



It is no surprise you are getting tons of sponsors I mean would you tell THIS guy you didn't want to sponsor his event if he knocked on your door?!?
I wouldn't! I value my life!


Looking good Phill! Oh, and I should have a list of events in the next day or two.



I'll be there in some capacity or another. I don't know about competing but I'll definitely be there in an admin capacity if nothing else.

Also, if you need a good speech giver with regards to surviving breast cancer and working out after it, let me know :slight_smile:



Hey thanks you guys for everything the kind words and Help etc. every lil bit helps for sure.

Cool Malinda get you done with that one and maybe we can talk you into swinging up here for this one :slightly_smiling:

Shelle man thanks again for all your offers help we'll figure out something Im MORE than sure to keep ya busy. Also looking forward to seeing you again been WAY to long



I would Phill but it is only a couple of weeks before Nationals...........