Lift For Hope In Phoenix AZ, October 17th!

Hey future lifting competitors!

Listen, I’ve written and spoken many times about the value of competing. Putting yourself out there and testing yourself when it counts is THE number-one success tactic you can ever employ in the quest for continuing PR’s. Somehow, when we’ve got you here at Bed & Barbell in-person, it seems like an easier sellâ?? almost every past client who’s trained with us here has ended up competingâ?? even folks in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s!

So what’s stopping you from competing? I’m hoping you’re simply looking for the right event - something relatively low-stress and fun.

Well funny you should say that. I mean, I guess I said it, but anyway…

Staley Training Systems, in conjunction with Big Brothers Big Sisters is hosting a very cool and unique charity fundraiser right here in Phoenix called Lift For Hope. One-half of this event is a Highlander competition (log press, stone put, weight toss, and tire flip), but the other half is a deadlifting contest.

Which is where you come in. here’s what I’m thinking:

If you’ve never competed in any type of lifting meet, Lift For Hope is the ideal first event for you. It’ll be a friendly, low-stress, outdoor event, where proceeds go to Big Brother Big Sisters, so you’ll be doing a good deed along the way. You can sign up for the deadlift onlyâ?? you’ll get 3 progressively heavier attempts, a chance to get an official PR, and a tast of competition, which (we hope) will inspire you to do a full power meet or weightlifting competition soon thereafter.

So if you’re going to be anywhere near the Phoenix, AZ area on October 17th, we hope you’ll do something a little crazy and come out and compete! We’ve actually received applications from a handful of novice lifters already, so you’ll be in great company. Here’s the Lift For Hope website where you can sign up:

Thanks, hope to see you there!