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Lift For Hope Ebook

Thanks to everyone so far were doing great things for the athletes and lift for hope with the ebook sales I am going to be able to send each of them a nice check to aid their training. I know we can do even more if we all join together and really spread the word about this great 120+ page ebook from some of the best coaches and athletes in the business that you get for just a $10 donation.

Thanks for all the help and support

here is a list of the contents and authors
1 Forward
2 Grandmaâ??s Bones: Long Kilgore
3 Simple Ways to Better Eating: Loree Smith
4: Squatology 101: Jonathan Mike
5. Do You Have Life For That?: Nate Green
6. Are you Including Chiropractic?: Bill Nelson
7. Autoregulation. : Mike Tuchscherer
8. Interview with Mike Westerdal
9. A New Approach to Bulking and Cutting: Bryan Kavanagh
10. Choosing a Trainer: Mario Mavrides
11. Alcohol and Sports Performance: Jonathan Mike
12. 4 ways to Dominate The First Hour: Nate Green
13. 3 Hacks to Improved Performance: Mike T. Nelson
14. Nitrogenated Crap: Lon Kilgore
15. Fear Food, you will not: Leigh Peele
16. Build Muscle Based on Body Type: Jeff Anderson
17. How To Pray During Your Workouts: Jason Rhymer
18. The Ultimate Bench Workout: Justin Negrete
19. Leverage and Movement: Mark Rippetoe
20: Recovery From Training: Jonathan Mike
21: The Evil Spinach Cartel: Gene Lawrence
22. Upside Down Training: Nick Nilsson
23. Whey Basics: Andy Slagle
24. Cues to Make Your Workout More Effective: Rachel Cosgrove
24. Top 5 Tips to Getting Jacked: Chase Karnes
25. Omni Rep Method : Adriane Blewitt
26. Tips From Sarah Robles: Sarah Robles
27. Addicted To Strength: Josh Lehman
28. HIIT for Fat Loss: Sean Casey
29. What: Phil Stevens

for more info on lift for hope in general go to www.lift4hope.org

thanks and spreading the word to whom ever you can is much appreciated

Any lifting/strongman event that is a memorial to the love of your mother has my support and donation.

Best of luck, Phil.