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Lift for Hope 2009 & My 725lb Raw DL


L ift For Hope Write Ups,


My 725lb Raw Deadlift

2009 Lift For Hope Results and write up

It was a great day all around, the athletes did awesome, the bands played great music the kids had fun, we raised a nice chunk of change for big brothers big sisters despite a hard economy and unseasonable heat that the athletes and crowd put up with.

First I would like to thanks the athlete for helping make this event happen by stepping up and competing.

Next the fine sponsors without which such events could not take place. USP labs for consistently backing my events year after year. I cant say enough about them and the support they give the strength sports community and the fine products they put out. Thank you USP Labs

In no particular order Staley Training Systems, Wild West Marketing, Mark Rippetoe and WFAC, Brinkster, Intellametrix, APT Pro Wrist Wraps, Iron Mind, DaveDrapper.com, Gener8 Vitargo, AzBodyWellness.com, Dogass productions, J.R. Bolger, and many, many more. Check out the homepage and sponsors link for a full list.

Again I appreciate everyone for coming we had a great day of highlander games and ADL dead lifting. There were 27 competitors total men, women, masters ,and teens. Up to 6 National Raw Deadlift Records set. A great race in the highlander light weight Division with 1st-3rd divided by 2 points and a tie for second. Big Don Kravolets jumped into the heavy Division instead of masters and made a hell of a showing with a 300 log, narrowly missing 320. Kim â??that was badâ?? Berbrier proved she deserves the title of 2nd in Americaâ??s strongest Woman putting up an impressive performance all around. Kim Paradiso Dug deep and made some great throws and lifts including a 195 raw record setting deadlift. Shelle Anderson had some HUGE PRâ??s and won the crowd over with her effort in the tire flip, Great job Shelle. Andy and Geno in the 65-69 and 70-74 classes respectively in the deadlift were inspirational to say the least. And much more..

There were numerous first timers to both sports, Tons of food, cookies, goodie bags and gifts for the athletes, over 130 raffle prizes, 3 bands, a comedian, a mascot for skate land, Jamba Juice, Rubioâ??s Fed the Athletes.

Below you will find all the results from the day, and I am in the process of making a video that documents the action.

Thank you everyone for your varied participation with out all of you this could not have happened. Thank you for you support of NAHA, the APF, strength sports in general, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Az.
I hope to se all of you and many more next year for an even better event/.

Thank you,
Phil Stevens


Damn impressive man! I hope to get into the 700dl raw club one of these days.


I don't see what's so impressive about a 725 DL, anyone should be able to reach that with 6 months training or so. :wink:

Congrats on the successful event, sounds like a great day.


Congrats on the deadlift!

Nice seeing something like a charity event with lifting involved :slight_smile:


Thanks Guy.

Modi I know right. That why I was surprised I out deadlifted everyone, slackers :slight_smile:


Very nice deadlift sir. I would also like to point out that on a hard surface, you could have likely gone higher. I've lifted on a soft surface outside my garage with the rubber mat before and I absolutely believe it makes the lift harder. That was a helluva pull - wasn't pretty, looked tough, but no doubt in my mind on a hard surface you have more in the tank. Great lift!


You've come a long way, man. You are a testimony to working both hard and smart, and the value of combining training disciplines to achieve goals.

You should be proud of Lift for Hope, as I am sure you are.

Nice job, dude.


So.. I'm not trying to be one of those internet 'form nazis' but is there any reason your back was so rounded on that deadlift?

Also i realize i can't deadlift anywhere near that, so i really can't pass judgement.


Form is rarely perfect on PR attempts.


Well, there are more than one "PR attempts" in a lifters lexicon. What you witnessed there was a 100% committment to the lift and when you commit like that formed be damned. You can however, hit pr's without form break. It happens all the time. You witnessed a balls to the wall "I'm making this lift no matter what" attempt. A very nice lift...


Nice lift great job, funny the guy at the 'what a fucking animal' lol



I realize, and i guess

Explains it. And it was a nice lift, deadlift is always fun like that haha


Good golly that was great

My first thought was is that ground level? Never see to many deadlifts outside in the grass. I know the surface is flat because of the platform, but was it level?


Most people would give up on a lift like that. Great job and monster number.


Exactly. Saying that form breaks with pr lifts is a bit cliched to me. Lots of guys hit prs and never break form because that don't take it outside a comfort zone, which is different for everyone. There is a HUGE difference between a pr lift and a lift where the lifter is completely committed to the lift - where he has to be broken off the lift like a pitbull from its hold. OPs lift was a complete commitment to the lift. You only know if you've been there yourself :slight_smile: It's hallowed ground, but not necessarily a place I'd recommend you visit too often :slight_smile: