Lift Fast Get Big

Anyone tried this program. Its an oldish CW one but is just a basic strength program that i am trying. I just started it this first week. You dont go to failure but its still pretty taxing…along with this i am also doing the shoulders overhaul program from CT which i have done before and is fkn awesome…

after i do LFGB for 5ish weeks, i will look at the Big Boy Basics…

I haven’t tried it, but I would be interested to hear what type of gains you get.

I’ve been using the 10x3 for a couple of months now,combined with a max or near max day of singles. After having worked out some kinks in loading, my bench press has gone up about 30 lbs., dead has gone up about 30 lbs., and I’ll be re-testing my max on squat soon. I’ve also been using pin presses for the bench and may start using them at the bottom of the squat. It has worked very well. Have fun and make some great gains.

i haven’t used it but i just read it and it looks awesome. i have a couple questions: do you stick pretty close to the rest time between sets? do you stick close to the suggested weights? i think if i did it i might lighten the weight up a little more (10lbs or so) to really get the explosive effects. thanks.

I used it. After the third week I was BURNED out. I tried to push up my weights too much each week. However, during the first three weeks, I made some very good gains in strength and gained a couple pounds. This was after gaining 5lbs on ABBH and 5lbs on SFM.

My advice is to go easy on the weight increases each week and don’t be afraid to stay with the same weight if it feels like too much.

I myself am using this program as i have just had a break of 3 weeks or so as my footy (aussie rules) season came to an end so i had a break. THe wieghts i am starting with are a little lower than previous lifts so i dont get burned out or feel too fatigued as it suggests leaving the gym fresh not fkd :wink:

I will up them each week if i feel like i can do it. I also go by the prescribed rest periods as best i can.

I have found its a bit of a ‘mental’ difference when doing this compared to westside as its a max effort compared to a sustained effort of the same weight if you get what i mean so that impacts on the weight i use. I have to keep telling myself that i cant go too heavy or i will be totally fkd.

So far, the first week is over and felt really good. I felt i stayed within my limits on most lifts and feel i can up some weights…

A side note…on most of my other programs, there has been very litte or no direct arm work (no curling for instance) and now this one has 2 exercises a week for curls and found i FKN hate them…i have hated arm work or curling for a while preferring to stick with the bigger lifts…lol…seems kinda silly but was wondering if anyone else feels like this too…??

I agree. The only time I ever curl a weight, its power curling a DB into position for military press.