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Lift Fast, Get Big?


Is it true you will get big muscles if you lift at a fast tempo? I heard this from Chad Waterbury, just wanted it to know if it's true?


Your muscles will grow stronger and bigger if you lift progessively heavier weights.

IMO, a faster tempo is usually better assuming that you are still controlling the weight.


CW isn't the best at getting big, and there are a million different tempo idea that can all work.


all of the T-Nation contributors are saying to lift fast now


Personally I lift fast and lower slow. Lifting fast to me means generating more power (power = mass [barbell] * acceleration [exploding up]), but not sure if having more power gives you bigger muscles.


I explode the lift, but i go slow on the negative, a certain Mr. Yates said that so...ya...


^^ This. Just make sure you are controlling the weight.


As others have said, basically yes.

If lifting explosively didn't play a role creating big muscles, almost all Olympic weightlifters would be skinny-looking.

Just as a point of discussion, a certain Mr. Thibaudeau's work with the Perfect Rep is based on a fast positive and a fast negative.
Folks seem to be having solid results with this as well.

But you know how it is... The world don't move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some.


Eh, call me a geek... but I couldn't resist.

Power is a whole different concept. What New Guy is trying to say is the basic algebraic form of Newton's second law derived as F=ma, Force equals mass times acceleration. The idea of lifting faster (increased acceleration) produces more force. So, yes, theoretically, lifting faster does produce more force.

By producing a certain force times the displacement of the object (barbell) you produce a certain amount of work. From there you can derive power, but I've already realized that I need to stop doing this. In any case, that basically shows that lifting faster produces more work, power, or force. However you want to look at it.


fast negative eh? I didnt really look into IBB to much, basically because id never be able to pull it off in my facility lol. But yea, i totally agree


I,Bodybuilder is the entire program, but the Perfect Rep (in the link) is a technique that can be used in any plan.

It's worth at least taking a look at, man, if only to learn something new and throw into the ol' toolbox. I'm pretty sure Stu and some of the other experienced guys have experimented with it.


Whew, glad I didn't embarrass that much, got the equation wrong at least the concept is correct.


Great description!
More force = greater contractile tension = greater motor unit/Type IIb fiber recruitment.
Type IIb fibers have the greatest propensity for size.


In a moderate rep range.

No one in the beginner's forum needs to worry about tempo.

Talk about majoring in the minors, lol.

Worry about adding 50-100lbs to your 10, 8, 6 & 3 rep max, and eating enough to grow.


THIS. ^x2. Changing the tempo on lifts can make a massive difference. Go read Poliquin.


Beat me to it.


how bout stop reading shit all together and go out and see what works for you as an individual.


yeah reading is for fags!


i read an old dave tate article, and to him it seems that the most imporant rep was a single that you almost could not lift. i have not lifted like that in a while and it sounds like a good thing to try again sometime


I've read at least 5 articles that state you never go to muscular failure if you want to reach the most growth potential.