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Lift Fast, Get Big Program by CW


The program has five to six different exercises - parameters are listed as 50s rest. However, is this between sets or one whole circuit, or one exercise?

I'm assuming currently its between each set of each exercise. If anyone knows - please share!

Thanks in advance



wrong section. TBT is for beginners.


And probably definitely not going to be a lot of knowledge about this... something in the bodybuilding forum.


Try both whatever works for you do it that way.


Lets not start the tbt v splits debate on every thread, it's getting boring now. Can't we just either answer the Q or move on?

OP: Yeah I'm pretty sure it's 50s between sets, that's usually the standard way of measuring rest in Chads progs. Rest between exercises would be as long as it takes you to get to the next piece of kit and set it up (and so would usually be slightly longer than 50s depending on the exe).