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Lift 3 Days a Week and Grow-Mechanical Advantage Full Body Program

Hello everybody !

First of all, sorry for my english, I’m French. I will do my best to do the less of mistake possible.

I want to start the Full Body Template “Lift 3 Days a Week and Grow” (https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/lift-3-days-a-week-and-grow).

I have few questions about it :

  • Are you trying to be nearest to the failure at every set (so you have to reduce the weight every set) ?
  • On the second exercice for the mencanic advantage, do you use only for the first set the same weight of the previous exercice, or are you keep it for all sets ?

Thx !

@Chris_Colucci likely has an answer for you


I generally like to keep every set within the given rep range but not hitting muscular failure (keep at least a rep in the tank on every set). If that means adjusting the weight set to set, no problem.

The first set of second exercise should use the same weight as last set of the first exercise, and then adjust from there. For example, if your last set of front squats is 185x5, your first set of back squats would be 185x4-6 (almost definitely getting 6 with some to spare). Your second set of back squats would be something like 205x4-6, and so on.

Glad to see you’re giving the program a shot. Let me know how it goes and definitely post up any more questions you’ve got.

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Thank you for your answer @Chris_Colucci !

One more question, what about the Rest time ? I took my limit to 3 min MAX.

Here is my first workout :slight_smile:

A) Hanging Knee Raise : 4x5-10 (I can’t do more than 10 :frowning:)

B) Front Squat 4x6 at 80Kg (My Core was terribly tired !)

C) Deep Back Squat 1x6 @ 80Kg 3x6 @ 100Kg

D1) Slight Decline DB Bench Press : 4x10 @ 32Kg
D2) Stiff arm PullDown : 4x15 @ 15kg (My Triceps was very tired … Not my Back ! i Have to check the execution)

E1) Lateral Raise 3x12 @ 8Kg. Very Strict.
E2) Deadstop 1 Dumbell FrenchPress 3x10 @ 32Kg

It was very intense ! More than I was Thinking !

For the supersets, as little as possible between exercises and shoot for definitely under a minute between sets. Remember than whenever you’re doing the second exercise, you’re still technically resting from the first, so it’s not as short as it might sound.

For the straight sets (the mechanical advantage work that’s not superset with anything), I’d try to stick around two minutes or so, give or take depending on your overall conditioning. They’re “only” sets of 4-6, so it’s not super-heavy that requires a ton of recovery and it’s not super-high rep that creates a ton of fatigue or oxygen debt.

Feeling stiff-arm pulldowns in the tris isn’t uncommon because they’re contracting statically through the rep. Try playing around with your elbow position, either a little more bent or a little more stiff, to get more emphasis on the lats. You could also try a rope handle with the hands touching, instead of a palms-down grip on a straight bar.

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