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Lifetime Non-Tested Bench PR Vid


Though you guys over in strength sports might get a laugh out of this!




That’s probably the best thing ever to be posted on this site.


There’s no way that dude is natty.


I wonder how much more he could bench if he put on a cheater shirt?


I don’t get it.


I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that is a woman. I’m not sure why, but that makes it even funnier. That’s good bull.


[quote]ignignokt wrote:
I don’t get it.[/quote]

The dude’s just a Gorilla with a Big Willy.


That was awesome.


great vid! the next 700 raw bencher!!!


[quote]Hanley wrote:
ignignokt wrote:
I don’t get it.

The dude’s just a Gorilla with a Big Willy.[/quote]



Some lifters bringing it closer to the chest here. The commentary is so inspiring.




Truly inspirational.