Lifestyle's Bearing on Effectiveness of TRT?

It goes without saying that lifestyle plays a huge role in T levels when it comes to our own natural production.

But how does lifestyle (diet, training, sleep, etc…) affect how our body responds when we rely on exogenous T?

If this has been covered, I apologize.


I’ve done A LOT of reading on TRT and I don’t believe I’ve ever come across any research on that topic…interested to hear if anyone else has anything. I suppose you could compare response to TR of obese to normal weight or type II DM to nondiabetics but haven’t come across this yet.

Good question. I have been on TRT for a little over a year, and have taken Vyvanse for more than two years. I use the VYV mon-thur, and vary between 20-60mg per day (depending on the day). As with any speed, I noticed that it ups my sex drive, but puts a bit of a hurtin on my wood. No nocturnal erections M-TH and no morning wood. I had read that vyvanse will lower your T over time. Fast forward to TRT, nocturnal and morning wood to spare, and no need for the V (although even recreational usage is fun). So, in my experience lifestyle choices are mitigated somewhat by the exo t.

Your T input will be fixed in any case. Diet and exercise will improve your well-being and energy.