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Lifestyle Experiments


Does anyone ever take somethng they commonly do and change it? So, alter the way you live for a while, in other words.

For instance, this week, I'm not waching TV and using the time I would spend doing that (probably more than I realize) for other things: practicing more and active listening to more art music (rather than just in the background).

This isn't my first lifestyle experiment. They seem to be challenging, but fun (in a way). I might give up the internet for next one, which would be rough.

Does anyone else do random lifestyle things like this?


I stopped jerking off once.. if that counts..


Life style changes ..let me see if I could suggest a couple

You could enlist with the armed forces and defend your country.

You could go buy 5 days of crystal meth do it and see how your life style will change.

You could sell all your earthly possessions and devote your life to God.

You could rob a bank and shoot some people in the process. Then tell us how pen life suits you.

You could buy some rainbow short shorts and a tank top and hang at the blue oyster bar.

Just something to get your mind going enjoy :slight_smile:


I realize my lifestyle experiment mostly lame, but thank you for pointing it out.


This guy followed every rule in the bible for a year, then wrote a book about it.

I'll keep the rest of your suggestions in mind?


What I am trying to say is... What your suggesting is not life style changes. Just habitual changes. The ones I suggested are life altering. That is how you get a life style change.


What an impressionable young kid might look like in 20 years had he taken this advice today...


dirtbag I suggest you take a sociology course before you start being wrong.


Well, I think doing things like Boyscout are fun, and can give you a heads up if you need to make bigger changes, like you are talking about.


gotta start small, baby!

I understand what your saying. I think it's a matter of definition. small changes can still be significant. Giving up TV is not significant, however.


You can all thank me later


I got tired of my apartment and being tied to the stuff I own, so I put every thing in storage and went the homeless route for about 4 months. Used sites like Craigslist, couch surfing, and hospitality club to find temporary shelter while traveling on the cheap. It was alot of fun, but I learned I am far too independent in nature to rely on other people for shelter. So, now I am back in an apartment, with a couple roommates, and substantially lower living costs. Plus I learned how to travel without resorting to hotel/motels and seeing new places from the locals perspective.


That's badass.