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Lifeguard Question

Does anyone know how much a lifeguard gets paid? I want to make sure before forking over $1000 in course fees and quitting my crappy warehouse job.

Oh, and let me know if you’re talkiing about US or CDN wages.


It depends where you are. I live in upstate NY and I know some people that get paid minimum wage. I had a roommate at college from Long Island, and he got something like $16 an hour, working at the ocean.

Here in Florida you’re looking at between 7-9.50 an hour. Mostly a kid’s job.

just an idea…

you’ll make more than being a life gurad, depending on the study you enroll in, at a CRO (clinical research organisation). check them out where you live or somewhere near you and sign up to be a guinea pig for a drug study.

just for taking a drug and lounging around playing pool, watching movies, oprah, etc. in a large month long study, where you live at the site, can get you 3 to 4 grand easily. naturally, smaller studies will stipend you less money.

i used to work for a CRO and our clinical sites were FULL of college students in the summers and we scheduled studies around this time when we can recruit a lot of healthy students.

as an employee, i enrolled in studies too.