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Life time Goals

What are everyones lifetime goals:
For training?
For life in general?

Get a Field’s Medal for finding an analogue to the Galois Theory that will solve differential equations, break Tony Massimo’s plate curl record (50lb plate x >10reps), pinch 45’s +added weight, get certified for closing an IM #4 gripper, squat >600, deadlift >700, press >315, bench >405, marry my dream girl (she’s not just hot you know) & make lots of babies, pull >300lbs on IM’s Rolling Thunder handle. That’s good for now, I’ll probably cook up some more later.

Oh yeah, & put >200lbs overhead with one hand.

Genetic repair using retrovirus technology. I’ve been color-blind my whole life. No else will need to. Oh, and crush someone’s skull with one hand.

I’ve got a huge list – how much time do you have? Most of them aren’t training related. But, in the training realm: Top out at 210lbs, and get the body fat down to 6% or so. Get back into bike racing (tied to some other goals), maybe get back into triathlon, and keep the mass. No specific weights I want to put up.

As for non-training goals – four homes at locations in Seattle area, Oregon Coast, Phoenix/Glendale, and Montana; build and fund a homeless shelter; open a gym; fund a friend’s restaurant; buy homes for my parents and in-laws, with chaffeurs and caretakers; have my own air transportation (and pilots). Many more, but I don’t want to bore you all.

Squat 300lbs - someday, soon. To grow old with my best friend. To be a artist whose work is resprected among my peers. To continually evolve physically and mentally.

Great question. This question should provoke some positive thought from a lot of people.
For me, I want to keep striving to be a better man. I want to be an honourable, honest man of integrity. I think I’m getting close, but I think it’s a life long proccess. I want to keep learning about everything that interests me. I don’t feel any real need to leave my mark on the world, as many do. But I do want my existance to have been a more positive contribution to society than a negeative one. As I get older, I’m also more focused on nurtering the relationships I have with good people and cutting out the relationships with negative friends totally. As far as training goes, I’m constantly striving for the body I want. While everyone is limited by their genetics,( some of us more than others) I think its the striving that counts. Basically I want to be strong and healthy and live a quality life for how ever long I’m around.

Oh yeah, I wanna be so Fucking Rich that I can buy the Pyramids and make the biggest fucking castle out of them - in Vegas. And to be remembered as a nice guy.

Training: to create the best possible mix of strength, mass, condition, flexibility, speed, appearance etc. Life long struggle,for sure, but hey, it wouldn’t be fun otherwise.

Life: to have real friend(s),health. I am a student of veterinary medicine, so one of the goals is to be the best in my country, if I will work here. Croatia is country of some 4 000 000 people, so that’s not completey impossible.

To be BatMan

And never Die

  1. To buy me a shrimpin boat and start my own shrimpin company. 2. Get rid of this rash. It itches like a somabitch. 3. Get me a trophy wife and kids 4. Die 80 years old strapped to the nose of the biggest Nuclear Warhead in existance, aimed at the moon. 5. Avoid the whole weeping and gnashing of teeth. That doesn’t sound cool at all. Oh yeah, I’d like a red ryder BB gun!

to stop spanking it

Be a ripped 185-195, all my big lifts over 500lbs, get back in to full contact fighting shape, open my own restaurant/japanese inn, travel the world and grow old with my girl.

As far as training/body…i want to be the biggest, most symetrical, cut, man the world has ever seen. Remember when Arnold was given the most perfect body record, by the guiness book of world records…I want that record. Then I want to be recognized on the world stage by almost everyone, maybe by becomming an action star…and eventually reaching my ultimate goal, and what I pray fro every night, to be the best damn role model ever and get some sort of fittness movement started so that this world world can get healthy. Further more, I want to take over leadership of the Arnold Classic, after Jim and Arnold pass :frowning: But on the more emediate scale I want to help my chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma (A national health honorary) win chapter off the year. And I call it mine because it is MY chapter, well mine and BuffPac’s…Woof Woof

Grow old with my man, travel the world, dance at my kids’ weddings, carry their babies, and be the one in the gym that everyone else wants to look like. There’s a start! I also want to feel that I have made a difference in someone’s life, done good things with my life, been a good friend, mother, and wife.

Play college hockey, run my own business, see the world, and to grow old and die with no regrets.

Training: 220 lb @ 10 % bf. Life in general: I do not have a goal.

Bench 500, squat 750, leg press a ton.
Become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
Be able to pick a large man up one-handed by the throat.
Have a sex life similar to Larry Flynt’s before he was shot.

just be happy!!

When I was younger, I had a very long list and thanks to fate, luck and hard work I have accomplished many of them.
Now my goal is to be “Socrates” from Dan Millman’s “Peaceful Warrior” book and to chop wood and carry water.