life/stability of protein and glutamine

this has probably been asked before, but i can’t seem to find a definite answer in the archives.

will the bioavailability and effectiveness of my pre-bed meal (whey, cottage cheese, glutamine) be affected at all if i mix it up 12-14 hours earlier and keep it stored in the fridge until i eat? is taste the only way to tell if it’s ok or not?

i have heard that glutamine becomes useless shortly after being mixed in with other ingredients, but never from a reliable source.

any thoughts?

I don’t think protien will degrade that much that fast. But don’t quote me. As for glutamine I know it oxidizes so use it up as fast as you can after first opening, also close it up tight between uses. Urh at least this is what Eric Serrano says(paraphasing of course). Therefore I doubt mixing it will kill it. But I could be wrong. So basically wait until someone smarter than me answers your question. Tee hee hee. :wink:

bump. anyone know for sure?

depending on how much CC you are using you prob don need the extra glutamine. CC is loaded with the stuff. its preferable to mix the stuff just before you drink it. if the glutamine is not peptide bound (ie free form) it will most likely break down pretty quick and therefore be whorthless by the time you take it.

Glutamine will degrade very quick after being mixed with any liquid. Also to help with shelf life store in freezer to keep from humidity.